Winter’s Late Start Perfect Opportunity to Get Steel Snow Pusher for Holidays

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The slow start to winter weather across much of the northeast has been reason to rejoice for many local residents. With temperatures as high as the mid 60s this past weekend in areas like New York City it’s inevitable to hear the global warming jokes at least once or twice a week. While the slow start to the winter weather has been much appreciated by most, it has caused a lull in some industries that rely on such conditions.

For example, severe winter weather caused 15% of all insured auto, home, and business catastrophe losses in the United States in 2014. Overall losses from winter-related disasters in the US totaled $3.7 billion in 2014 and $1.4 billion were uninsured.

While no one is probably going to shed any tears for insurance agencies and likely to applaud the fact that people don’t have to deal with these exorbitant property damages (at least not yet), there are other businesses that this weather could offer the perfect opportunity to buy from this holiday season.

Heavy duty snow plows and steel snow pushers are crucial to maintaining every day life in snowy states and cities. Snow pushers and Snow Plows serve very different uses. Snow Pushers contain and relocate snow to a designated area, while plows merely move it off to the side.

Thanks to the current climate not many locations have had to utilize either of them this season, but that’s sure to change after Christmas passes and the January hardships likely take hold. That’s why the time to start thinking about a new steel snow pusher for your business or department budget is now.

The money you’ve probably saved not having to deal with typical winter conditions so far could be used to buy something like a brand new Super Duty Sno Pusher. At up to 30 feet in length and capable of containing 57 yards of snow it is the largest containment plow in the industry.

Better yet, with the current state of the industry this is the perfect time to get a great deal on one of these innovative and efficient steel snow pushers. Just don’t wait too long, the weather is sure to change quickly.

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