How to Buy a Shelby Cobra Without Breaking the Bank

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Upgrade parts

While the cars of today are equipped with newer, shiner bells and whistles, many car enthusiasts are turning to authentic replications as an alternative to the new muscle cars that crowd the streets. Sales are on a constant rise for the vehicle restoration and replica industry, as more car-lovers are turning to expert parts and services to restore these historic vehicles to their former glory.

A One-of-a-Kind Car for Performance Driving

When the Shelby Cobra Mark I was released in 1962, it was really one of the first vehicles of its kind. The British sports car was fitted with a 260 cu/in, V8 Ford Windsor engine to help market the car as “Corvette-Beaters” despite the fact that they weighed around 500 pounds less. A souped-up version of the vehicle reached a staggering 186 mph in 1964, making it one of the fastest road and track vehicles for its time. Part of the Cobra’s draw was its limited production; there were only 538 Shelby Cobra Mark II models manufactured before the line was discontinued in 1967.

Replica Kit Cars

Shelby Cobras remain one of the most valuable and unique sports cars on the market due to the limited number of surviving models. For those who want a Shelby Cobra, but don’t want to go to Barrett-Jackson to get it, a replica Shelby Cobra kit may be the answer. Finding a manufacturer-sold cobra kit car for sale is simply a matter of figuring out what features you’d like. A replica cobra kit car for sale can cost significantly less than a restored model while giving the buyer the luxury of adjusting the vehicle according to their specifications. For the car enthusiast that wants a specialty classic look without paying for that specialty price, car kits may just be the best way to capture a piece of automobile history without breaking the bank.

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