8 Repairs to Make After an Auto Accident

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Car accidents can be extremely traumatic and can leave us with a plethora of physical and emotional scars. These situations can also leave our vehicles looking worse for wear, meaning that we often have to spend copious amounts of money looking after a post collision car. But, many of us would agree that these repairs and services are vital as they help to keep our cherished cars on the road for many years to come. Therefore, this article will discuss everything you need to know about taking care of your car after a collision.

1. Get in Touch With the Right Professionals

If you’ve been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, you’re probably feeling very angry and distressed. This is especially true for those who have been left with a series of expensive medical bills and are unable to pay them because they’re currently on sick leave from work. So, if you’re finally ready to get the compensation you deserve, be sure to get in touch with an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. These professionals strive to collect all the relevant paperwork and information to help defend your case in court, meaning that you can place more focus on your recovery rather than worrying about looming legal battles. This is also a useful resource for those who drive much larger commercial vehicles, as a truck accident attorney can help to hold vast trucking companies accountable and ensure that they pay out for the damages they’ve caused. Despite their usefulness, these services can be incredibly costly, so it’s imperative that you keep this in mind when trying to recover your post collision car. According to John Foy & Associates, these lawyers tend to charge between 33.3%-40% of the compensation payout. So, if you receive $40,000 in compensation, you must be prepared to part with $13,320 to $16,000 in legal costs. As such, you may have to decide whether it’s completely cost-effective to take your case to court, especially if you wish to work alongside a wealth of premium lawyers.

2. Make Sure You’re Protected

When involved in a hefty car accident, wearing a seatbelt and installing an airbag is only one-half of the battle. Drivers also need to make sure that they are fully insured. Since this is a mandatory requirement in most states, you most likely won’t struggle to find an auto insurance plan that best adheres to the nuances of your lifestyle and budget. These insurance plans help to cover the cost of your medical bills or auto repairs if you were ever involved in a car accident. They can also be used to cover the cost of your legal battles, which is useful for those who are looking to find justice in their particular situations. Although some drivers resent paying for an auto insurance policy as they believe that they are a very safe driver, these policies are there to support you if the worst were ever to happen. Market Watch informs us that the majority of auto insurance plans are quite affordable, so drivers have no excuse not to purchase one. The source explains that a full-coverage plan is usually priced at $2,008 per year, which equals out to $167 per month.

3. Complete Regular Maintenance Checks

Fortunately, some car accidents are pretty minor and usually don’t cause too much damage to your post collision car. However, the exterior of your car may still look pristine, but there’s still a high chance that there are a few issues below the surface. Therefore, it’s important that you complete a wealth of regular maintenance checks to ensure that your car is always in good condition. These can be pretty simple, such as checking your oil levels and tire pressure. Yet, more experienced drivers should also be able to use their other senses such as smell and hearing to distinguish whether there is something wrong with their cars. For example, if your vehicle is making an abundance of uncomfortable noises or is struggling to start, you may need to use your better judgment and complete a series of muffler repairs. These repairs are fairly common and work to dissipate the loud and disturbing noises coming from your car. Plus, according to Tirexpress, these repairs commonly cost anywhere from $30-$50 all the way up to over $500. So, this is an affordable service for those looking to keep their car up and running at all times.

4. Prepare for Different Seasons

Even if your car accident occurs in the summer, you should still work to prepare your post collision car for different seasons to help prevent mishaps from occurring further down the line. For example, you may need to switch out your regular summer tires to much more robust winter tires so that you can travel on large patches of snow and ice with ease. Many experts state that drivers should wear their winter tires as soon as the temperature drops below 45°F, which many say is from Thanksgiving to Tax Day. Although snow tires are not that common when it comes to trailer tires, automotive experts still encourage drivers to regularly check over their all-terrain tires to ensure that they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Although tires are an integral part of any vehicle and can help prevent unnecessary slides and crashes, there’s no denying that they’re often associated with high prices. Nerd Wallet states that the average price for a new set of tires is anywhere between $460 to $1,280. Despite these high prices, these assets help to make the road a safer place to drive and can also be a useful addition to your post collision car.

5. Keep an Eye Out for Chips and Cracks

Though many of us view our cars as our most prized possessions, some of us are not bothered by a few scratches and scuffs here and there. Although these flaws are fine when it comes to the exterior paint job, if they appear on your windscreen, you could be heading toward a ton of decay and deterioration. A simple chip on your windscreen can quickly accumulate into something much larger, leaving your windscreen with a plethora of harsh cracks in no time. Not only can these issues make your car difficult to drive, but they can also be very expensive to repair, especially if they’re left to spiral out of control. As such, if you relate to this situation and are eager to nip these problems in the bud, make sure that you research some auto glass repair in your area. Typically, these contractors will use a durable sealant to minimize the effect and appearance of the chip. However, if your windscreen is filled with large cracks and ruptures, the professionals may suggest that you purchase a new windscreen entirely. Depending on the extent of the damage, the price of these services can differ greatly. However, My Windshield notes that it usually costs $100-$150 to repair a small chip, but can cost around $200-$500 for a complete windshield replacement. As such, these are fairly affordable services for those looking to keep their car in working order, especially after they’ve experienced a collision.

6. Protect Yourself Against UV Damage

If you are fortunate enough to live in a very hot area, you’ll understand how driving in the blistering heat can affect your performance. Plus, if you don’t strive to protect yourself and your car from this heat, you’re putting yourself at risk of some very dangerous issues such as high levels of glare and UV damage. Although a lot of drivers are encouraged to wear sunglasses and sunscreen during these conditions, they could also go one step further and get their windows tinted. During this process, a trained contractor will apply a slim piece of film to your car window, helping to darken its surface. As such, drivers no longer have to battle harsh levels of sunlight, even when driving in very sunny weather. Though a lot of people would consider this service to be over the top, window tinting is also considered to be a very luxurious asset. As such, this is a fantastic resource for those looking to give their post collision car an added touch of TLC. Forbes explains that this process can cost $150-$300 per window at the lower end of the spectrum but can reach highs of $900-$1,500 at the premium end of the scale. However, it seems that the average cost is a lot more affordable at just $350 to $900 per window. Thus, if you’re eager to splash the cash after your auto accident, this is a great option to look into.

7. Work Alongside a Collection of Registered Dealers

For those who own higher-end vehicles, it’s sometimes best practice to work with a series of registered dealers when working to repair your post collision car. If you’re eager to find a mechanic that specializes in Acura repairs or BMW repairs, you may have to carry out a lot of online research in order to find a professional that works for you. In spite of the hard work that goes into this recruitment process, the benefits are endless. These dealerships are often a lot larger than local mechanics, so this means that the workers can repair multiple cars at a time, meaning that you won’t be forced to wait too long to get your beloved car back on the road. Registered dealerships also have a lot of experience in your respective vehicle, which is a huge benefit for those who want to fix a very niche issue and are looking to get it sorted in a timely manner. Even though visiting a dealership for repairs can be a lot more expensive than just visiting a small auto repair shop, it’s a real lifeline for those who want to give their luxury car a new lease on life after an accident. RC Auto Specialists notes that getting your car repaired at a dealership often costs $300 more than going to a typical repair shop, so be prepared to pay premium prices if you want to give your car the best treatment possible.

8. Ensure Your AC System Is Up to Date

Although you may not give your AC system a second thought after a serious car accident, it’s important that you keep this asset in good condition for future use. Your car’s AC unit is used for more than just keeping you comfortable during differential weather conditions, as it’s also used to help reduce the humidity and moisture levels inside your vehicle. Thus, this system is vital when it comes to protecting your car’s internal network from moisture damage or excessive heat. Therefore, if your system is no longer pushing out a strong air flow or is releasing a foul smell, you’re advised to get in touch with an AC repair service as soon as possible. Depending on the issue at hand, the technician will usually complete a series of helpful remedies, such as re-gassing your air con unit or replacing a collection of worn out and damaged parts. Therefore, with just a few simple repairs, you can continue to enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience regardless of the weather. According to Kelley Blue Book, the average cost for an AC repair is around $384 to $445, making this a useful resource for those who use their car on a regular basis and are eager to enjoy a plethora of soothing drives.

After you experience an auto accident, you’re likely to have a ton of harrowing thoughts zooming around your head. You’re probably bombarded by concerns about medical bills and legal battles, making it even harder for you to feel confident on the road. But, with the right resources and services by your side, you can continue driving like normal without having to fret about how you are going to cope. Thus, if you’re looking to take your post collision car to the next level, consider implementing some of the tips and tricks discussed throughout this article.

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