Looking for the Perfect Car Service? Here are 10 Things to Keep in Mind

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Maintaining your car is essential to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. According to Auto Express, most manufacturers recommend annual servicing or after 12,000, whichever comes first. Servicing involves a comprehensive check and replacement of vehicle components and systems. It will extend your car’s lifespan and save you from costly repairs in the future. Here are ten things to remember if you’re looking for a perfect car service.

Get Your Transmission Fixed

The car’s transmission system is crucial in keeping your ride roadworthy. You know that thing that you shift from Park, Drive, and Reverse whenever you’re taking a ride? It’s responsible for transferring power from the engine to the drive axle.

The transmission is the most expensive component to replace. According to Forbes, a transmission costs $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the type and the car model. You can avoid this massive cost with regular maintenance. Whenever you hit the recommended service mileage, look for a perfect car service to check your transmission.

Fluid level check is an essential aspect of transmission repair services. While low fluid doesn’t signal a major problem, visit your local auto shop to check for potential leaks. Your vehicle’s transmission system will wear out if you drive without the recommended fluid levels.

Typically, a defective transmission system will show signs of damage, including delays in gear shifting, clicking noise, and delays in acceleration. You can also visually inspect the transmission by looking under the car or the garage floor for fluid stains. Ensure the mechanics at the transmission repair shop add the manufacturer’s recommended transmission fluid to keep the system running smoothly.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Unlike other car components, windshield wiper replacement isn’t pegged to specific mileage. Instead, replace the windshield wipers depending on how regularly you use them. For instance, your wipers wear out faster if you regularly drive on a dusty road. The same case applies if you drive in snowy areas.

What telltale signs indicate your windshield wiper blade needs replacement? Start by checking streaks on the windshield due to grueling pressure. Once the blades are bent or damaged, they become less effective at clearing the elements from the windshield, leaving streaks on its surface. Another sign is unpleasant high-pitched noises during wiper blade operation.

According to Auto Zone, wiper blades are inexpensive, costing as little as $20 to replace. However, you should visit a perfect car service if you suspect the wiper system is defective. The wiper system comprises the motor, switch, crank arm, and connecting rods that pull and push each other. It significantly affects the car’s safety during rainy or snowy seasons.

Get a New Paint Job

Weather elements can damage your car’s sparkling paintwork, necessitating a new coat. After covering thousands of miles, road grime and salt may slowly take a toll on your sparkling paint, causing it to fade. Typically, you’ll notice chipping, peeling, and cracking once the paint job is damaged. Besides the elements, low-quality paint can wear faster.

Other times, you just need a change. Professionals at the car servicing shop will help you customize the car to suit your personality and color choice. If you look forward to selling your car, get a new paint job to attract potential buyers.

You should also visit a perfect car service after minor collisions. Sometimes, you may hit poles when reversing or get involved in a minor crash with other vehicles or animals, denting your car. The damage scale will determine the painting at this point. If your vehicle has a dent in a small area, a paint touch-up service will get the job done. However, massive damage requires a full repaint.

Can you protect the paint job, you ask? This is where car wrap services come in. The car wrap protects the exterior surface from light scratches, chips, and UV damage, eliminating the need for frequent repainting. Additionally, car wrapping will save you from costly buffing and waxing. According to Cars.com, a vinyl car wrap can last three to seven years, depending on your area’s weather conditions.

Make Sure Your Breaks Are in Check

The last thing you should ever do is drive a car with defective brakes – don’t even turn the ignition key! Brakes keep you safe by making the car slow down or stop instantly. Even with proper maintenance, like changing brake pads and refilling brake fluid, the braking system needs a professional eye. For this reason, budget for brake check and fix. Drive Safe Online Recommends at least regular inspection, at least once annually.

The most common telltale signs of a faulty brake system are a hard or spongy brake pedal, squealing sounds, vibrations when braking, and brake warning lights. When you visit a perfect car service, the professionals start by doing a visual inspection to check the brake pad thickness and ensure all are wearing evenly.

Brake service also involves checking the rotors for hotspots, wheel cylinders, calipers, brake lines, and master cylinders for leaks. Mechanics check the brake fluid levels and conditions to determine whether to fill or change them. They eventually inspect the anti-lock brake sensors to ensure they function as recommended. Allow the auto mechanics to do a test drive and give your automobile a clean bill of health.

Rotate Your Tires

Tire rotation involves changing the car tires‘ positions to ensure they wear evenly. Do some tires wear faster than others? Yes, if you drive a car with a front engine, disk brakes on the front, and drum on the back, the front tires may wear faster than the rear. The front is heavier due to the engine weight, so the tires will experience much friction when braking.

Tire rotation involves different positioning depending on the wheel drive of the vehicle. That said, you need a perfect car service and professionals to help you carry out the tire rotation exercise. Here is how to do the five-tire rotation:

Front-wheel drive

The left front goes to the left rear, while the left rear goes to the right front. The right rear goes to the left front, and the spare goes to the right rear. Eventually, the right front becomes the spare.

Rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive

The left rear goes to the left front, while the left front goes to the spare. The spare goes to the right rear, and the right rear goes to the right front. Finally, the right front goes to the left rear.

Another tire rotation method is four same-size, non-directional tires. Here is how you rotate the wheels like a pro.

Front-wheel drive

The left front goes to the left rear, and the right front goes to the right rear. The left rear goes to the right front, while the right rear goes to the left front.

Rear-wheel drive or AWD/four-wheel drive

The left rear goes to the right front, and the right rear goes to the left front. The right front goes to the left rear, while the left front goes to the right rear.

The third tire rotation is for different-sized directional tires or different offsets. Mechanics do as follows:

Same-size directional wheels and tires

The left front tire goes to the left rear, and the left rear goes to the left front. The right front tire goes to the right rear, while the right rear goes to the right front.

Different-size directional tires with different-sized wheels

Tires are dismounted and remounted in the appropriate direction of rotation.

Non-directional wheels and tires with different sizes, front and rear

The left front tire goes to the right front side, and the right front goes to the left front. The left rear tire goes to the right rear, while the right rear goes to the left rear.

Get Your Entire Car Inspected

Car manufacturers and experts recommend regular car inspections, but you shouldn’t wait for the state-recommended inspection period to visit auto inspection exports. Routine inspection will save you from expensive repairs by ensuring you discover potential problems early.

Nowadays, an auto body shop worth its name uses intelligent systems to identify even subtle problems. Also, mechanics may have skipped fixing some vital components when winding up servicing. For instance, it is possible to forget to fix the engine sump gaskets or a few bolts after the repairs. Ensure you have a perfect car service before leaving the shop.

Replace Anything Old

A new car has all the components and systems functioning efficiently. However, these components’ lifespans dwindle as they cover thousands of miles. You can replace car parts for two reasons. The first one is to conform to the manufacturer’s recommendation to change the components to prevent possible failure.

The second reason is wear and tear caused by weather or driving conditions and habits. Since these components can wear before their estimated time, you need a perfect car service to identify their condition. Some items that wear out relatively fast are air filters, cabin filters, timing belts, oil pumps, fuel pumps, and spark plugs.

Besides the replaceable car parts, you must change the clutch fluid in the clutch master cylinder. The fluid engages the clutch when you depress the clutch pedal. You should also check and change the power steering fluid that allows you to turn the heavy wheels. Don’t forget to change the engine oil and coolant, as the experts recommend.

Make Sure You’re Insured

Let us break it to you – taking an insurance cover isn’t optional, but it works for your good. Car insurance protects you from monetary losses after accidents. There are two crucial insurance policies you must have as a car owner: Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance.

Third-party coverage protects you against legal and financial liabilities to a third party. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle against damage due to fire, theft, cyclone, flood, and accidents. Besides the car model, insurance companies check the car’s condition, age, driving history, and location to calculate the insurance premiums. The insurer reviews the policy every year to determine the worth of your vehicle. If the car’s value depreciates, you pay a lesser premium and get minimal coverage.

A perfect car service comes in to keep your vehicle in pristine condition and retain its high value for better coverage. The insurance companies usually request you to list your preferred repair shop during claims. Partnering with a particular shop may benefit you because they’ll give you the best quotes.

Find a Good Place to Store Your Car

After investing in a perfect car service, you must protect your car from damage. Invest in a modern garage to prevent the weather elements and pests from damaging the vehicle. Rats can chew the car wiring, which leads to the components’ failure. Additionally, freezing temperatures can also drain the car battery.

With a modern garage, your vehicle will be safe from theft and vandalism. Parking outside exposes the car to theft. Burglars can also access the garage and make away with valuable car components. But you can keep criminals at bay by investing in quality garage door openers and an alarm system.

The garage also keeps the vehicle warm, keeping fluids like the engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid in stable condition. But car storage doesn’t have to be fancy if you are on a budget. A good car cover is enough. While the cover only protects the car from weather elements, a good fence and a gate deter thieves from accessing your home.

Practice Good Driving Habits

Good driving habits will save you from excessive fuel consumption and unplanned repairs. For instance, drive your car slowly for the first few kilometers after starting the engine to allow warmup. Also, drive at lower speeds on rough roads to save suspension from damage. Ensure no warning lights on the instrument cluster before you drive your vehicle to prevent further damage.

Remember to remove other unnecessary items that add weight to strain the engine from the car, and check the car’s tire pressure. The must-have items in the car trunk are the jack, spare wheel, wheel spanners, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers. Lastly, choose quality fuel for your vehicle to save the engine from wear before the ideal time.

A car is a significant investment you should always protect. It takes you to work and also takes your family to various destinations. Ensure you invest in a perfect car service on time and practice good driving habits. On the other hand, park your car in a good place and have insurance cover.

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