How Dirty is Your Car Really?

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For many of us, driving has become such a routine part of our lives that we instinctively ignore proper cleaning and maintenance. Most Americans spend an average of 87 minutes every day in their vehicles, so it’s natural that we would have the tendency to overlook some very important details.

What Your Vehicle is Subjected To

Although air quality is a growing concern, it is impractical to expect every driver to make a switch to a low-emission vehicle. By estimates, the environment inside of your vehicle is anywhere from two to 10 times more polluted than breezes over the freeway; by consciously trying to avoid diesel cars or trucks by using the carpool lane you can enjoy air that is 30-50% cleaner.

How Dirty Your Car Really Is

We all know how much dirt, snow, leaves, and other debris we track into our car flooring; this can easily be minimized thanks to car carpets or mats. Many of us are unaware of how dirty our vehicles truly are. Although bacteria occupies every corner of planet earth, a study by celebrity microbiologist Charles P. Gerba found that there are greater numbers of bacteria both in cars that transport children and places where food and drink have been spilled — studies show that up to 70% of drivers eat or drink in their cars. A separate study from Aston University found nearly 850 different kinds of bacteria lurking in car trunks where most people store their groceries.

Protecting Your Vehicle and Yourself

Conscious car owners can take steps to protect both your vehicle’s condition and the health of its driver. Research shows that only 16% of adults clean the interior of their vehicle each week, considering how much time we spend in our cars it makes sense to regularly keep it clean. Experts recommend replacing your car’s carpet if it is more than 10 years old, as wear and tear can provide hiding places for bacteria. Many car upholsterers specialize in vehicle replacement carpets to help create clean, custom carpets for any ride. Trunks on the other hand can be outfitted with trunk mats; many trunk mats offer additional options like waterproofing and storage containers to suit anyone’s needs. A vehicle is a machine: take care of it and it will keep your life in motion.

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