3 Fast Facts About Car Dent Repair


Fixing a dented car can be easy depending on the situation. You can always take it to a trusted mechanic’s shop, but it’s often smarter to find an auto dent repair service. Some shops only know the basic things about fixing dents, but specialized places could have different tools and skills to provide a better customer experience.

The fact is that you don’t want to repaint your car because of dents. New paintwork reduces the value of your vehicle, and that’s why paintless dent repair before and after photos are so popular. The exterior of your car can return to its original state without a new coat. You might even be able to find paintless mobile dent repair, and you won’t have to lift a finger or leave your vehicle somewhere else.

PDR techniques differ from those in regular body shops in many ways, and most of the time, professionals need a certificate to be able to perform the job correctly because they need to maintain the integrity of the exterior. However, if you can’t find somewhere with this option, an auto body shop dent repair service will work just as well.


When there has been a hail storm, it can cause untold damage to everything outdoors. Hail damage can be brutal on a vehicle, and it can cause it to be undrivable. Depending on how deep the dings are, you should be able to get auto body ding repair that can be done quickly and effectively. When you need auto body repair dent removal, there are a number of ways to accomplish it. There are several tools that can be used to pull the damaged area back outward so that it is even with the surface of the vehicle. Suction-type tools are commonly used in these cases.

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Getting auto ding repair may take a while, depending on how many dings are on it. If they were caused by a hail storm, there could be hundreds of dings that each need to be tackled one at a time. After you have had automotive dent removal, you shouldn’t be able to tell that there were dings there in the first place. The repair job should be that good and that effective. However, there may be more than dings that you have to worry about after a hail storm. The windows and mirrors may also need repair.


Anyone who owns a vehicle can tell you it’s very similar to having a child: an exhaust leaking, needy, metal baby that requires a lot of money and care. Even the most expensive and efficient car can run into troubles, and it’s usually not even your fault. For example, one of the most common problems a car can run into is dents. Dents can happen all to easily, from accidents to hail damage. But regardless of the situation, you’ll want to get your car fixed as quickly as possible.
Luckily, when performed by the right expert professional, paintless dent removal is an easy, fast, and affordable repair endeavor.

Here’s what you need to know when looking to dent removal:

Paintless dent removal requires little work on the experts’ side, and can vary in cost depending on the severity of the dent. For example, an average ding costs around $50 to repair. However, a larger dent can cost anywhere between $99 and $149. It all depends on the size of the dent.

Duration of Repair
Whether it’s a hail damaged vehicle or your car got carelessly dinged by a fellow road rager, you should never have to wait a while to get your dent repair accomplished. Professional auto body shops with a sound reputation will often have you in and out within the hour.

There is a Difference Between a Dent and a Ding
Generally speaking, dings are a lot smaller than dents, and only require about 10-15 minutes to repair. These are typically from hail damaged vehicles and usually have no impact on your car’s paint job. Dents, however, are larger and are more difficult, time consuming and expensive to repair.

Regardless of the problem, turn to a local professional auto body shop for the help your car needs. After all, your big metal junk baby keeps you safe every day! More research here.


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