What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

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Drunk driving is a serious issue in this country, killing 28 people every day.

An ignition interlock device is a mechanism installed in a motor vehicle that will prevent the car from being started without the driver first blowing a breath sample into it. The ignition interlock device will also keep the car from being turned on if the breath sample has a blood alcohol content level higher than the one that has been programmed into the device. These mechanisms are installed in the vehicles of drivers who are under a restricted driving sentence following a DUI or DWI, acting as a car breathalyzer.

Some restricted driving programs will require breath tests to be administered while the car is being driven. If the sample proves undesirable, the device will not turn off the car but will signal to the drive that they must pull over and turn off the vehicle.

Professionals of ignition interlock companies install them. Tampering with the device is prohibited and will result in consequences as administered by the respective governing agencies.

Results of each breath test are sent to the administering bodies, such as the DMV, court and/or probation office. Advances in wireless technology have allowed for breath samples to be sent immediately, though some programs only require them to be logged once a month.

Ignition interlock devices are often just one component of a restricted driving program following a run-in with the law. Many drivers under such probation will be required to check in with their probation officer weekly, can only drive during certain hours of the day, or are only allowed to drive to certain places (home, work, etc.).

Ignition interlocks have been associated with a dramatic decrease in arrest rates for impaired driving (70%). When the device is removed, it’s proven that the risk of repeat offenses drops by almost 40% compared to past offenders who never had an interlock installed.

While accidents can and do happen, it?s important to think twice before driving after indulging in alcoholic drinks or any other substances that may impair your ability to drive safely and cautiously. If you do find yourself to be in the position of needing such a device, there are ignition interlock companies that specialize in distribution and installation.

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