Three Reasons to Choose a Used Vehicle Over a New One

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Shopping for a new car is an exciting experience, but one look at the price tag on all of those shiny new cars can be a quick buzz kill. Cars are one of the most expensive purchases we make, and a new car can really break the bank. Luckily, used cars are another option for people in need of a new car but don’t have the funds to spend on a brand new vehicle. Used cars may seem a little worn down, but they offer drivers a number of great benefits. Some of the greatest aspects of choosing a used car over a new one are:

  1. Cost – The number one reason drivers choose used cars over new cars is for the price. The best used cars cost significantly less than a new one and can save drivers a large chunk of change at the dealership. Not only do they cost less, but the value of used vehicles also lasts much longer than that of a new car. As soon as a new car is driven off the lot, it loses value, and after the first couple of years it is worth much less than it used to be. Used vehicles keep their value for much longer, making them a better deal overall.
  2. CPO Options – CPOs, or certified pre-owned vehicles, are some of the best used cars available and area a great compromise when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle. These used cars must undergo strict inspections by the manufacturer before receiving approval. If any issues are found throughout the inspection, the manufacturer fixes them before passing the car along to certified used car dealers. With top notch car safety features and a manufacturer’s warranty, CPOs give car buyers the peace of mind of a new car at the price of a used one.
  3. Short-term Commitment – People get new jobs, move and even leave the country on a frequent basis. Imagine purchasing an expensive new car to find out in a year that you’re moving to a new location and will no longer need the car — all of that money for nothing. You probably wouldn’t feel so bad if you had opted to buy a used car instead. Used vehicles are short-term commitment and can be traded or sold just as easily as they were purchased.

Buying a used car doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality for price. There are a number of great options out there, like CPO vehicles, that won’t break the bank but still run like they are brand new. The best used cars offer great quality at a low price Read this for more.

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