How to clean and polish glass

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How to clean and polish glass

Inevitably, the cleaning and polishing job of your vehicle glass is very tough and hectic.  Whether you know or not, but, it is true that your windshield is constantly affected from snow, rain, dirt, dust, bird dropping and sleet. And this is the reason that you see different kinds of spots at the different parts of the exterior glass surfaces.

Cleaning Glass Surfaces
The first and foremost thing to consider for cleaning and polishing the glass surface is to choose good glass cleaner supplies. We would suggest you that do not use any chemical or ammonia for cleaning the glasses of your automobile. These chemicals are supposed to be very dangerous for your vehicle hence you should always select microfiber cleaning products.

Achieve Optimal Polish
Once the qualitative cleaners are sprayed, you should start removing the wet for bring optimal shinning on your car. Some of our detailers prefer to use waterless car wash as an alternate window cleaner and this is also a good way to repel grime, rain and dust from your vehicle.

Last but not the least, we would suggest you for cleaning the glass surfaces, you should also use Eco Touch Glass Window Cleaner for better and smooth cleaning.

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