How to Detail Auto Glass & Plastic

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How to Detail Auto Glass & Plastic

Cleaning the windows of your car is supposed to be very hectic and tough job. No doubt, unclean windows of your polished and washed vehicle will surely lessen down its beauty and gait. Hence, for maintaining the glamor of your vehicle, you should always complete the glass detailing tasks carefully and responsibly.

The concept of using the cleaners is inevitably unsettled.  Few people say that ammonia is the best cleaner whereas most of the people disagree on this and always clean water for cleaning the glass.  Besides, I personally think that ammonia is not a good cleaner for your cars. Though, it is nicely working over the glasses of our homes yet it can be dangerous for the surface of vehicles. Therefore, I generally recommend that people should use such cleaners which do not last any after effect over the cleaners and the cars.

Your window cleaning process should begin from the driver’s door to the front passenger’s door and always dry this part should be vigorously dried before full cleaning. Continue your cleaning process from side mirrors and corners of the window.  For better shining and cleaning always use quality glass cleaners for your automobiles.

Spray few shots of cleaner on the windshield of your car and try to wash it when you wash the whole car. I have been noticing that windshield is grossly affected when we drive our cars in the rural areas. Hence, for cleaning the contamination from your glass always use Detailer’s Pro Series High Performance Glass Restorer to remove the water spots.

Windshield wiper care is very necessary for your automobile. Whenever you clean the glasses of your vehicle, try to gently clean the blades for removing the dust. It should be your habit to clean them along with other detailing tasks and they do not demand time but some gentle care.

Whether your car is new or old, always give final touch before completing the cleaning process. It is very necessary to check all sides of car carefully for complete cleaning. If you encounter with any dirt or dust make it clean for better shinning. This is the best way to make your car look good and glamorous.

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