13 Weird Tricks to Clean Your Car

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Accident with two cars
13 Weird Tricks to Clean Your Car

We bring cheap, meaningful, unexpected and simple tips on how to make your car clean for longer.

1. Hair conditioner for shine:
Try to use hair conditioner having lanolin for shining your car. Once it is washed with conditioner, your car would look as freshly waxed.

2. Fizz windshields clean with cola:
Windshield of a car turns out to be dirty when it rains. For cleaning the dust always pour cola on the glass. Before pouring the cola on the glass, do not forget to protect your hood paint with towel.

3. Vodka on the job:
When your windshield reservoir demands some filling, go to your liquor cabinet and rob it. Before filling, mix 3 cups of cheap Vodka with 2 tea spoons of washing detergent liquid and 4 cups of water. Remember, before pouring in the reservoir; do not forget to shake them well.

4. Shine those car lights:
Rub your headlights well with after applying the window cleaners.  For better shining and cleaning always use pair of panty hose.

5. A one-step window cleaner:
Get baby wipes from your glove compartment for cleaning the windshield and car windows.

6. No windshield washing fluid?
Use the feminine hygiene maxi-pads as a substitute for cleaning your windshield. It must be held from the sticky side and should be vigorously rubbed over the windshield.

7. Clean your blades:
If your car wiper blades are unclean and dirty then gently lift them before cleaning them with soaked towel. Prior to placing them on their position, gently clean the blades with a dry cloth for better cleaning.

8. You can see clearly now:
Add 1/4 cup household ammonia to 1 quart water then pour it any plastic bottle coupled with tight cap. Keep this solution in your car for immediate cleaning in near future.

9. Baking-soda car cleaner:
Take a gallon sized jug for taking 1/4 cup baking soda along with 1/4 cup dish washing liquid and enough water to fill it. This is a future cleaning remedy. Before placing this in your garage, shake the jug well then use it with 2 gallon water pail for better and quick cleaning.

10. A surprising no-wax washer:
For prevention of corrosion, Add 1 cup kerosene to a 3-gallon pail filled with water and then sponges the solution over your car. In this connection, the rain water will not affect your car and it will not be arrested to rusting and corrosion.

11. Watch the heat:
Always wash your car when it is too hot. Sunlight will speedily dry your car without any hard effort.

12. Avoid air drying:
It has been researched the use of air dryers always create serious marks over the exterior parts of the car hence avoid using air dryers. It would be better if you use soft cloth to clean the wet.

13. Use Water with full Pressure:
Try to clean the tires with such water that has enough pressure for cleaning the dust.

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