8 Signs That You Need A New Fuel Pump

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Fuel pumps and fuel filters are vital parts of nearly every modern motor vehicle. Fuel pumps are designed to move the gas into the engine, and the filter ensures that no foreign particles are included. Since the fuel pump is the driving factor that keeps the engine supplied with fuel, any failing on its part can be highly detrimental. If you are worried that you may be needed fuel pump repair, here are a few signs to keep an eye out for.

Signs You Need Fuel Pump Repair

  • Whining Sound If you hear a loud whining noise when your car is in use, it may be a sign that the fuel pump is in need of repair. Try and see if you can tell if the sound is coming from the fuel tank, and if it is, head to a mechanic as soon as you can so that the problem doesn’t become worse.
  • Slow Starting Another common sign that fuel pump repair is needed is difficulty when starting. Though your car may still eventually start, common wear and tear can cause a drop in pressure that leads to the problem. If it has started taking you multiple tries to start your car, you may want to check with a mechanic to rule out, or repair, the fuel line.
  • Sputtering When traveling at high speeds, sputtering can be a sign of a faulty fuel line. If you’ve noticed your engine sputtering it may be a tell tale sign that your fuel pump needs help. The stuttering is occurring because of the line can no longer supply a constant flow of gas into the engine and can be detrimental if not fixed.
  • Stalling Though stalling can occur for many reasons, if it happens often at higher temperatures it could be due to the fuel pump. This is again due to normal deterioration over time, but is best taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Lost Power More stress is put on your car when you drive uphill or carry heavier loads, it can also occur with hard accelerating. If you’re experiencing a loss in power during these instances, it could be a sign of a weakened fuel pump. The loss in power comes from a weakened line that can’t supply an adequate amount of gas into the engine.
  • Surges If your car is prone to surging at random intervals, it may also be a fuel line issue. If it is happening often you should head to your mechanic sooner rather than later.
  • Decreased Gas Mileage Another tell tale sign is a decrease in your gas mileage. This could be due to the fuel pump supplying more gas then needed to the engine, thereby draining your tank quicker than usual. Fixing this issue quick can help save you on both repairs and gas costs in the future.
  • Car Not Starting Finally, if your car is not starting at all, but the electronics are still working, it could be due to your fuel line. If no fuel can get to the engine, the car won’t run at all. This is the severest instance, and in most cases the above signs should warn you before this point is reached.

Most fuel pumps will last your for the duration that you own your car, but if you’re like me and tend to drive your cars till they can’t drive anymore, keeping an eye on this signs is crucial. Cars with high mileages will of course be more prone to needed a fuel pump repair at some point, but catching the issue early can save you a lot of unneeded stress. If you’re experiencing any of the above signs talk to your local mechanic and see what they can do to get you back safely on the road.

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