Boost Your Car Engine Power with These 5 Tips

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It is no secret that Americans love their cars. This love affair with the road has been the subject of novels, movies, and legend. In 2017, more than 73 million cars and trucks were manufactured. By the end of 2018, that number jumped to more than 81 million. Subaru is a popular car in the United States and nearly 60,000 of them were sold in June 2018 alone. Many people who own this car and subscribe to its motto, “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru and Subaru,” making Subaru upgrades is the best way they can show that love.

One thing that many people want from their cars is more power. Power boosting is one of the most popular Subaru upgrades and ways people want to up their Subaru performance. In any car, the way to achieve more power and more speed is to increase the amount of combustion in the fuel chamber. Some people think that to do that, all that needs to happen is more oil can be added. This is impossible because the engine’s capacity for this has limits.

To get more air and fuel into your engine, you need to make adjustments to the system to allow in more of these things in. The good news is that to give your car more power, you can do the following things:

  1. Make the switch to a cold air intake (CAI) system. This is, by far, the easiest and most cost-effective way to get more pep into your car’s step. You may need some Subaru aftermarket parts to do this. A CAI is an aftermarket assembly. It is comprised of a number of parts which can change the temperature of the air that is pulled through. This assembly will make the air more dense and cold. As this cold air mixes with the fuel, power is produced. When the air is cold and condensed, it takes up less space and therefore more of it can get into the cylinder. This produces more combustion sends more power.
  2. Do what you can to decrease the weight of the car. It is no secret that lighter cars go faster. This was one of the problems when the AC Cobra was sold to regular drivers and not just people on the race track. Those cars were so light that they were too fast to drive on normal roads. While you cannot change the frame of your Subaru, you can take out anything that is weighing down your car. If you have lots of stuff in your trunk, get rid of it. Take out any extra seats you have. Change out the glass windows for a lighter material. Go with disc brakes rather than traditional ones. This is another of the easiest Subaru upgrades you can make.
  3. Replace the chip in your car’s computer. When it comes to newer cars, there is a computer system that has control over many things in your car. This control extends to the brakes, timing, gas combustion ratio, and more. You can get aftermarket chips and replace the one put in at the factory with it. This is not the easiest of the Subaru upgrades but will do a lot to increase your engine power.
  4. Put in a cat-back system for exhaust. If you get a cat-back exhaust system and put it in the place of the stock muffler and exhaust pipe that were installed at the factory. This system can increase the amount of air going through your system. It can also up the horsepower. Both of these things give your Subaru more power.
  5. Get a good turbocharger or supercharger. If you spend the money to get a good, forced induction system you will see the horsepower and torque go way up. These Subaru upgrades can increase the power from your engine by at least 50%. These tools will boost the amount of air going into the engine block, which lets it burn more gas to get more power.

Not only do Americans like to drive cars, we like to play around and improve them. Whether we are working on Subaru upgrades or something else, when we see something we can make better, we go ahead and do it.

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