Car Upkeep Is Expensive Save Some Money This Winter By Using Paint Touch Up Kits For Scratches

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You’re trying to get the week started on the right foot. Then you find a big scratch on your car door.

It’s more than a little embarrassing. It’s frustrating. You spend hundreds of dollars on your car every month to keep it running smoothly and this is the result you get? With touch up paint for Honda Civics, however, you can make sure these setbacks don’t get further than your garage. Automotive touch up paint is a simple kit you can keep stored and use at the drop of a hat, replicating the look of your paint to a startling degree.

Here’s how to use your Infiniti touch up paint, Lexus touch up paint, or Audi touch up paint correctly.

Did You Know?

Taking care of your car is a full-time job. You have the oil to change, tire rotations to do, monthly check-ups…it’s a lot to keep sorted without adding scratches to the mix. According to a recent survey by Direct Line, a little over 50% of all reported car damage is from keyed or scratched cars. Fortunately for you, the auto body industry is valued at $40 billion, with a significant chunk dedicated to DIY projects. Touch up paint for Honda Civics is in ready supply and is incredibly easy to use.

Find The Right Touch Up Paint Kit

Your first order of business is to browse online for the most accurate paint kit. Each one is formulated to fit the car model’s paint type as closely as possible so you can forget this scratch ever happened. The auto industry refers to white, black, gray, and silver as neutral colors, so keep that in mind while choosing which kit to buy. Clear coats on cars tend to be between one and a half to two milliliters thick to protect paint integrity. A proper application takes a little patience and a steady hand.

Clean The Surrounding Area First

Now that you’ve found the right touch up paint for Honda Civics? Start off by cleaning off the surrounding area. You don’t want any clinging dirt, paint chips, or debris getting in the way of a smooth application. This is best done with warm water and soap to break down any lingering bits, with plenty of time to dry fully. A still-wet surface won’t stick to the paint, leaving you frustrated and starting over from square one.

Apply An Even Coat Of Primer

Once the surface is clean and dry the next step is to apply your primer. Just like prepping a cotton canvas or doing your make-up, primer is designed to make your paint ‘cling’. It helps it last longer and it looks better, all in one go. Deep paint scratch repair can cost between $300 and $3,000, depending on the extent of the damage, and it’s these little kits that will save you a lot of frustration throughout the year. You can use them whenever you like and keep your car looking brand new at all times.

Layer Several Thin Coats Of Touch Up Paint

Last, but not least…the actual painting process. Touch up paint for Honda Civics, or any other car model, should be done in several thin layers. Adding one big layer runs the risk of looking uneven, not to mention the higher chance of error should your hand start to shake. Several thin layers, on the other hand, will look smoother and more natural. Car paint scratches are classified under several levels, from 1A all the way to four, and will help you gauge how much paint to use in a single session.

Ready to get your week started proper? Grab some Acura touch up paint and make sure those pesky scratches don’t keep you down.

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