What To Do If Your Windshield Has a Crack

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It is crucial to get your vehicle inspected on the regular. Otherwise, your vehicle should not be on the street. Even if your auto inspection does not find anything majorly wrong with the vehicle, it could uncover smaller problems. These small issues should be resolved before they turn into large issues.

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For example, they may find a very small crack in your windshield. You may not think it is a big deal. Yet, a small crack can grow over time and may even lead you to replacing the windshield entirely. If a crack is detected, you can either have them fix it for you, or attempt to fix it for yourself. It will save you money to do it yourself as long as you are comfortable with the repair. It is fairly simple and there are windshield repair kits that can be bought at your local store.

Each repair kit comes with gel that you put in the crack. The procedure is very easy. You put the gel in the crack. Then, you put a cover over it to smooth it out. Finally, it dries and hardens in the sunlight. Alternatively, you could also use an ultraviolet flashlight to speed up the process.


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