What Happens When Your Windshield is Repaired?

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Auto glass damage is one of the most common issues with automobiles today. Small tones can hop up and damage the windshield while the car is driving at high speeds. The glass needs to be repaired or replaced before the problem gets out of hand. This video shows what an affordable auto glass repair looks like.

The way the glass is repaired depends on the crack. There are a variety of cracks; some call for a total replacement and others simply need to be filled with resin. The automobile in this video has a small crack that just needs to be filled with resin. The repairman arrives and speaks to the owner. He lets her know the process and the risks associated (the windshield can crack while he’s filling it with resin).

The serviceman inspects the entire car and then attaches a specialized tool to remove the moisture from the crack. This creates room for the resin that will fill up the crack later on. The repairman then washes all of the windows.

Next, the resin is injected into the crack with the specialized tool. He removes it and cleans up the resin. After he covers it with another protective layer, the repairman cures it with a UV light. Voila! A fixed windshield.

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