The Basics Of Auto Body Repairs

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Auto body repairs involve every step needed to fix a damaged car body part until it gets repainted. The measures include assessing the damage, repairing, grinding, filling and molding and sanding the car surface until it is even and smooth with the remaining parts of the panel. This article will look at the basics of auto body repair.

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Assess the car
The first step to fixing a damaged car part is by carefully assessing the damage done to the car to ascertain the extent of the damage. This will give you an idea of what is needed to fix the car and get it back into good shape.
Rough it in
Getting a panel back to its original shape can involve drilling holes for slide pullers, hammer work and locating clamp points for making pulls.
Fine-tuning the metal work
You should fine tune the dolly and hammer work to bring up the lows and take down the high spots. This process needs proper use of the hammer so as not to distort the metal. Ensure you are hitting the metal gently for the best outcome.
This usually involves prepping for filling, featherage, applying body filler, working on the stuffing, and painting the car.
Getting your car back in shape requires investing in proper auto bodywork. Knowing the basics of body work for your vehicle should make the process easier.

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