What Service Does Your Vehicle Need Before Spring?

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The cost of service and parts sales in the U.S. was more than $114 billion in 2017. In relation, the best time to service your car is just before spring because it is an excellent time to address vehicular issues caused by the cold temperatures and poor road conditions during winter. You can also make repairs and replacements to brace your car for spring. Here are the services your vehicle needs before spring.

Replace Your Tires

Not all people use all-season tires to prevent seasonal replacement. If you are such a person, replace your winter tires or snow tires with normal ones. Winter or snow tires are specifically designed for cold temperatures and icy or snowy conditions, implying that they won’t work well in warm and wet conditions when winter is gone. Driving in the wrong seasonal tires is also dangerous and can lead to quick wear and tear. Use standard tires ideal for spring to ensure comfort and safety when you hit the road.

Change Your Oil and Filter

Changing your oil before spring at recommended intervals is critical in keeping your car running for a long time. Cold weather thickens oil, making it flow slowly through the engine. Change your oil before spring to lubricate your engine and increase its performance. Since changing oil is synonymous with changing your engine’s filter, you should replace your filter when changing your oil or after every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Your engine will work better with new oil and filter.

Service Your Charging System

You should also repair and maintain your car’s charging system during a Dodge service before spring. Cold temperatures during winter are notorious for interfering with a vehicle’s battery and charging system. Have your battery and charging system checked by a professional. Your battery should be working correctly, and it should be charging as usual. Replace your battery if it is too old or damaged beyond repair.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

It is no secret that wiper blades do a lot of work during winter. They are often worn and torn out, implying they cannot do their job correctly during spring. Ask your Dodge service expert to put new wiper blades on your car. The blades should be all-season or designed for spring weather. Wiper blades will improve your visibility and ensure your safety during spring rains.

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