How to Perform Reefer Trailer Service and Maintenance

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A reefer trailer, or refrigerated trailer unit, can be a crucial part of any transport business. If you offer a reefer trailer rental service, these popular items need to be maintained regularly to ensure they function at peak capacity and perform properly for your clients.

Maintenance must be completed with the proper equipment, such as the correct filters, oil, fuel, and tools.

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Safety should be your number one priority. If the unit were to start in the middle of an inspection, this would pose a significant risk to anyone near the reefer. To service your reefer trailer the first step is to open the unit and perform the inspection, checking for any abnormal wear and tear. Next, remove the old filters. Afterward, you can prime your new filters and replace the old ones. Following this, remove the drain bolt to drain and replace the oil in the unit.

After these steps are complete, clean the space and remove any equipment. Then the reefer trailer can be powered up to ensure that it is running smoothly. It is also wise to properly document when maintenance is completed so this information is available for you and your customers to reference.

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