What Is A Machine Tool And Why Do They Need To Be Maintained Regularly?

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A tool is only as good as the care put into it. Just like a human being needs to eat, drink and sleep to stay healthy, so too does a tool need to be carefully maintained all days of the week to operate at peak performance. Lathe repair services are a necessary chore in the grand scheme of crafting, repairing and building goods for industries of all shapes and sizes. From ancient forms of lathe repair to the more efficient incarnations we enjoy today, there are a bevy of tips and tricks you can add to your roster to encourage a more seamless workflow. Look below to learn more about lathe repair services, the history of machine tool repair and what you should know to keep your toolbox in tip-top shape.

What Is A Machine Tool?

Let’s start off with the basics. A machine tool, at its most simple, is a machine used for shaping and machining metal and other rigid materials. They are one of the most necessary devices used to craft many of the everyday objects we take for granted and, as such, need to be maintained on a frequent basis through machine shop repair. The lathe, in particular, was first thought to have been created in ancient Egypt.

Where Did They Come From?

The oldest machine tools were thought to date all the way back to 1200 B.C., each one meticulously handcrafted to fit a highly specific purpose. Both the bow lathe and the bow drill are considered the first machine tools to be recorded into human existence, leading to the lathe repair services of today. Crafters and technicians alike learn early on it’s necessary to keep machine tools dry and carefully stored to avoid long-term damage.

How Have They Changed?

Technology only gets faster and faster as time goes on. The boring mill, considered revolutionary at the time, was created due to James Watt’s need for perfectly bored cylinders. This water powered device was crafted by John Wilkinson and helped countless people create more efficient and finely designed products. The Industrial Revolution caused lathes to be powered by water wheels or steam engines, supporting the creation of candle sticks, musical instruments and table legs.

How Do They Work?

A machine tool is used for a variety of functions, ranging from threading to boring to turning. They remove material from a given work piece for functionality purposes and, as such, need to remain hard and durable to work properly. Regular maintenance and repairs are a must to avoid common issues such as dents, rust and brittleness. You can keep your devices clean by checking their oil level, adjusting for friction and avoiding moisture and extreme temperatures.

What Is The Best Way To Keep A Machine Tool Clean?

Due to a machine tool’s function as a hard instrument for shaping and boring, they need to stay as clean and as durable as possible to operate at peak performance. A lathe needs to be cleaned and wiped down on a regular basis, with wiper pads re-oiled as frequently as possible. The gibs on a lathe need to be adjusted to avoid damage and unnecessary friction, not unlike the drive belt. If you hear unusual noises while using your machine tools, this could be a sign you need to have your devices inspected. Next time you want to improve your tools’ performance, look no further than basic tool services. Like machine tools, they prove that a little really does go a long way.

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