Top Three Storage Unit Tips For The Cold And Rainy Seasons


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Need a place to store your car, boat or motorcycle without potential water damage or malicious intrusion? You’ll want to check out these car storage tips. When the colder seasons swing by and you find your schedule getting full, a long term car storage will go a long way in giving you peace of mind throughout the week. Why keep your vehicles parked on your lawn or behind your house when you’re not even using them? From water damage to theft, there are a host of problems that can crop up when you least expect them — quality storage units are designed from the ground up to address these issues in the safest, most convenient way possible. Not all storage options are created the same, however, and you’ll want to do your research to ensure your belongings are never at risk.

Storage In The U.S.

Rest assured you’ll never have a shortage of places to look. There are nearly 53,000 storage facilities across the country, with the industry employing a stunning 172,000 people in roles ranging from management, construction, security and marketing. Car storage systems rake in an impressive $22 billion every year and it’s thought there are over two billion square feet of ready-to-rent storage space available at any given time. Ideal storage unit tips include suggestions for bad weather, security options and keeping your property in the most convenient place possible.


So, why do people choose the convenience of a secure storage system over a conventional garage or leaving the vehicle in question out by the sidewalk? The first most common reason is the great equalizer: weather. Storing your automobiles in an ideal storage unit will allow you to circumvent frustrating long-term issues, such as rusting and water damage, and help you save money down the road. This can get particularly bad during rainy and snowy seasons, when moisture is rampant and everything from mold to freezing can crop up overnight. From 1995 to 2012 a 65% increase has been recorded, thanks to the wealth of American citizens turning to renting storage space in lieu of using their private garage or parking lot.


The second reason, and likely the most significant, is security. A vehicle is an immense investment — the sad fact of the matter is that car theft is a major problem in the United States and can be difficult to avoid in more densely populated neighborhoods. A high-quality storage unit facility should have electronic gates for additional safety, making sure that your belongings are under heavy watch at all times of the day and night. Professional storage units are, to put it simply, your very own private space to use as you choose.


Last, but not least, a storage unit system is simply easier. Storing your vehicles in a rental unit frees up space on your lawn or driveway, allowing you flexibility to do home projects or try renovations that wouldn’t have been possible before. When the season isn’t matching up with your schedule, storing your boat or jeep can be a wonderful way of keeping your belongings safe when they’re not in use. Concerned about sudden events? Never fear, as professional storage units offer access seven days per week.

Storage Unit Tips

Want to keep your truck or boat safe from the elements and sneaky hands alike? Don’t wander far without these storage unit tips. The first thing you’ll want to look for is quality — inspect the inside from top to bottom to ensure your rental space is as clean and dry as possible. Moisture is a tricky customer, after all, and even a few small wet spots can be a sign of a much bigger problem! Try to choose a location that’s close to where you live, as you’ll likely want to check in on your vehicle every now and again. The storage unit industry offers over $3 billion in both state and local taxes every single year in the United States and it’s not hard to see why. With these storage unit tips in your back pocket, you won’t have to worry about bad storage ever again.
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