Unnecessary Idling Isn’t Just Bad For The EnvironmentIt’s Illegal Snow Plow Tracking Software Benefits

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Just how powerful is the GPS?

Thanks to the GPS we’re able to track time to the nearest millisecond. Without the GPS driving would be even more of a chore, saving us time and improving our safety. The GPS is even able to save businesses money in maintenance costs and help the environment. It’s not a magical tool, but a smart resource that taps into many common issues that link us together. When it comes to keeping your city clean, snow plow tracking software can make all the difference.

Fleet GPS tracking systems are able to reduce maintenance costs, improve the safety of your drivers, and keep you on schedule. Here’s how.

The GPS has been around for quite some time. It was first introduced for automobiles back in the 1990’s, transforming into the everyday resource we use to navigate our lives. It’s a great tool for figuring out a new route, memorizing an address, or just finding a place to eat. Several layers of society regularly rely on the GPS, to the point it’s as mundane a tool as a screwdriver or a chair. Not only will you find the best electronic logging devices on your phone, you’ll find them supporting civil engineering and transportation.

The fleet camera system is necessary to bring the best possible results from daily maintenance routines. It’s not enough to just clean up debris and shovel snow. You want to save as much money as possible, even if that means reducing gas costs ever so slightly. Montreal alone relies on 170 vehicles to clear its roads (and 190 to clear sidewalks). This city reports snow being removed in fewer than five days for a seven inch snowfall — the greatest single-day snowfall recorded was back in February of 1999, where Tahtsa was blanketed with a metre and a half.

Just a few additional minutes of stalling per truck can seriously rack up your yearly costs. This is where snow plow tracking software comes into play. Unnecessary idling is the term used to describe the phenomenon of trucks just sitting around and wasting gas — this squanders as much as $800 per truck, based on less than a dollar per liter. This also goes a long way in harming the environment and polluting the air. This is such a big issue that the law has recently changed in over 40 states, criminalizing idle reduction with serious fines if caught.

Snow plow tracking software won’t just save you money in the long run. It’ll also keep your workers safe on today’s dangerous roads. Everyone is on a schedule these days, with many people outright rushing from one place to another. Recent studies have found that a mere one kilometer decrease in traveling speed can lead to a 3% reduction in car crashes. Cleaning up snow, ice, and slush is tricky enough without adding stressed workers to the fold.

The GPS equipment tracker holds a world of potential. Today fully equipped snow removal trucks weigh as much as 15 times more than your average car. That’s a lot of wiggle room to increase driver hazards and harm your vehicle. With fleet management software you can finally take a bite out of all that unnecessary idling and do your part to comply with local environmental safety laws. You’ll keep your workers safe, your pockets full, and still do your job to the fullest of your ability.

The GPS is a powerful tool indeed. Cut back on those frustrating maintenance costs. Consider adding snow plow tracking software to your repertoire in 2019 to finally deliver on a full range of benefits.

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