Saving Time, Saving Money How A Simple Tire Swap Can Improve Your Productivity

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The type of tires you use mean the difference between an efficient job well done and a hassle.

Tires that are too smooth can’t grip the ground properly, overworking your machine and increasing your risk of an accident. Ill-fitting tires can compromise the handle of the machinery, if they don’t fall off altogether. Even an inferior brand can spell doom for your busy workday. Being a farmer is hard enough work without adding poor quality equipment to the mix. Whether or not you’ve been the victim of a bad custom tractor wheel, make sure this is the year you enjoy the best.

Don’t coast by on mediocre tractor tire supplies. Support your business and your workers with combine tires that are built to last.

Farmers In America Need Better Equipment

It’s never too early to consider whether or not you could be using better combine tires. There are more than three million farmers across the United States — a survey conducted last year by Caledonia Solutions found that 25% of large farmers are actively investing in developing technologies. These can be as wide as new fertilizer compounds and as simple as better combine tires. The farming industry alone accounts for $535 million of replacement tire sales in the country. When you swap old tires out for new, it’s a difference you can feel almost immediately.

Goodyear Remains A Top Brand For Many

Go to any tire store and you’ll see Goodyear. This company owns a 15% market share of the American farm tire market, specializing in small farm replacement equipment, according to a survey by Modern Tire Dealer. They consistently uphold a very high standard, doing the hard work of providing not just quality, but a brand name that represents the potential you can achieve. According to Statistic Brain farming tires are valued at $500 million in the tire and rubber industry. This is higher than even off-road tires, valued at $400 million.

Firestone Is A Reliable Choice For Your Farm

It’s not just Goodyear you should be buying combine tires from. Firestone owns an impressive 20% market share of the American farm tire market and is also a favorite among many large farms. Modern Tire Dealer has found them to have a steady presence in the small farm replacement tire sector. Their inventory includes (but is not limited to) tractors, scrapers, harvest, various implements, and general maintenance. When it comes to your livelihood, you can’t afford to purchase anything but the best.

New Technologies Are Always Making Themselves Known

There is always room for improvement. This is the logic that keeps bringing new technology to your doorstep — a recent survey conducted by Caledonia Solutions found that 25% of large farmers (any farmer that has at least 1,500 acres of broad farmland under management) state they’ll spend on new farm equipment technology. Agronomic data is also seeing a rise, giving farmers more cost-saving measures with the land they have to work with. Alongside adding new combine tires to your repertoire you can consider signing up for new technology ventures. While this isn’t tried-and-true, it could make a huge difference.

The Benefits Of New Tractor Tires And Combine Tires

You shouldn’t be coasting along on mediocre tires that don’t deliver. These little details have massive consequences, causing a ripple effect that will be felt by your workers and even your clients. Tires that don’t fit right or have lost their tread need to be replaced as soon as possible to keep your equipment working. Damaged and underinflated tires are not just expensive, but potential safety hazards. Tires that measure 17 inches or more represent over half of the available tires found in today’s tire and rubber industry.

As a farmer you know full well the potential that comes from a tiny source. See what better super single tires and custom tractor wheels will do for your productivity.

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