Three Easy Ways to Get a Better MPG


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These days, people are all about saving money wherever they can. Though we’ve bounced back from the bleak economic climate of the mid to late 2010s, people are much more aware now of what they’re buying and how much their paying for it. One of the things we’re buying most is gasoline, which also seems to be getting more and more expensive. If you’re looking to spend less on gas, here’s how to get the best MPG.

Maintain your car
One easy way to better your fuel economy is to make sure that your car is well maintained. Make sure that the engine is running well and that all of the fluids are topped off. The most important things to maintain on your vehicle to increase your miles per gallon are the wheels and tires. The wheels can have an effect on the tires, like rubbing and wearing which weakens them. Weak tires have a tendency to lose air pressure which is not only dangerous, but also has a negative effect on fuel economy.

Drive a hybrid
Another thing you can do if you really want to get the best fuel economy is to just drive a hybrid. Hybrid cars are famous for their great fuel economy and the fact that they release less emissions into the environment. Hybrid fuel economy is so good is that the cars have two different power sources, one the regular fuel source and one electric. There are two batteries in hybrid cars as well, one traditional battery and one electric. The cars run on the hybrid batteries some of the time, so they aren’t always using gas.

Don’t drive aggressively
Driving aggressively — accelerating and braking quickly — is a poor use of gas and will bring down the MPG you’re getting. Driving above the speed limit uses more gas, more quickly which is inefficient and can get expensive.

Do you have any other tips for how to get the best MPG? Let us know in the comments. More research here.

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