Three Answers You Need Need to Have Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

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Did you know that as of 2012, there were an estimated 9 million motorcycles registered in the United States? Considering the fact that, according to the Bureau of Transportation, motorcycle sales have steadily increased for about 10 years now, it’s safe to say that there are more motorcyclists now than ever before, and it’s easy to see why. They’re fun, incredibly fuel efficient, and–contrary to popular belief–safer.

However, before you saddle on over to your local Victory motorcycles dealers, you first need to answer a few important questions that will determine just which Victory bikes you should consider buying, and which you shouldn’t.

How Experienced Are You?

Chances are that if you’re reading a short article about which Victory bikes you should consider, then you’re not very experienced. This means that you want to stay away from any high performance models that your Victory motorcycle dealer may try to push on you. Riding slower, Victory bikes will help you to practice safely, honing your skills as a driver.

What Will You Use It For?

Are you in the market because you want to have a thrilling hobby or are you shopping for a new, primary mode of transportation? Do some research on the various types of Victory bikes, and what they’re best suited for. Some can handle the day-to-day wear-and-tear of traffic better than others, while some are better for long hauls since they’re more fuel efficient, but might need higher maintenance.

What’s Your Budget?

For many people, this is their bottom line–their biggest deciding factor. Victory bikes can go for anywhere between $5,000 to $25,000. Remember that this is an investment. Not an expense. You get what you pay for, so it’s worth exploring the financing options that many Victory dealers can offer.

If you can answer these three questions, you’ll have a much easier time shopping for a bike. If there’s anything else you’re wondering about, feel free to ask in the comments! Good refereneces.

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