Motor Oil Information you Need to Know

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There are some motor oil facts that will blow your mind. It’s not something people typically look into, but doing a little research could make a big difference in the way you do things.Automotive motor oil should be changed regularly. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can look into the best oil change places in your area and they will be sure to help you out. Before you go get it changed, check to see how low it is. Know how? The dipstick tool measures how much oil is in the space. By putting the stick in and then removing it, you can see how much liquid is actually in the oil tank. Motor oil is also made from a few different materials. It can be made from petroleum-based and non-petroleum synthesized compounds. When getting an oil change , you can specify as to which type of oil you would like in your vehicle. Do you know what happens to your motor oil after it’s changed? Hopefully it is getting recycled and re-purposed. The EPA states that about 2 gallons of used oil, if it is properly recycled, can provide electricity to a home for about 24 hours. The flip side? The oil from one oil change can ruin one million gallons of freshwater. Lets make sure that doesn’t happen. Motor oil facts are obviously not always pleasant, but at least they can be informative. Before you get that oil changed, check out the info on your oil, look at the viscosity characteristics. The Society of Automotive Engineers created a numerical grading system for that specific purpose. Know what’s going into your vehicle. Be aware of how often you need to change your oil. Some cars need fewer oil changed than others, but not getting one done when it’s needed can be detrimental.

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