How to Find the Best Motor Oil for Your Car

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Did you know that when recycled properly, two gallons of used oil can run the electricity of a home for 24 hours? However, the EPA reports that 200 million gallons of used oil are illegally dumped each year. Although oil can be harmful when it is disposed of improperly, all combustion engines need oil in order to run correctly. Each type of engine requires a different oil, though, so there are two useful ways to help you discover the right motor oil for your vehicle.

– Society of Automotive Engineers. The SAE numerically grades motor oils based on their viscosity characteristics. These numbers, which are suffixed with the letter W, are used to represent the cold-start viscosity of the oil. Since oils experience a wide range of temperatures while they are in engines, the numerical grade consists of two numbers to signify the temperature range in which the oil will function properly. For example, 5W-30, 10W-30, and 5W-20 are all SAE grades. Many car manuals suggest oils based on their SAE grades, so it is important to consult your car manual in order to figure out the best motor oil for your vehicle.

– American Petroleum Institute. The API has its own system for grading oils. However, unlike the SAE, the API rates oils based on their effectiveness in different vehicles. For example, when testing an oil, the API looks at how well the oil performs in the engine, and it also determines whether or not the oil causes rust or corrosion in the engine. The API rates oils based on strict guidelines, which means it only approves the best oils available. By choosing an API approved oil, you can rest assured knowing it will run perfectly in your vehicle.

Although all combustion engines need oil, it can be challenging to find the best motor oil for your car. Fortunately, the SAE and API both rate oils based on various characteristics, and these ratings help guide you to the best oil. By following SAE and API standards, you can avoid putting the wrong oil in your vehicle. Get more info here.

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