The Benefits of Valet Parking and The Custom Parking Tags Used

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Custom parking tags are one of the things that help to make valet parking as efficient as possible. About two-thirds of drivers have stated that they are distracted when driving through a parking lot. This means that there is much to gain from the acquisition of a valet specialist to park your car when there is a need to enter a scheduled event within a specific time.

The Value of Valets

The average cost to hire a valet parking specialist in 2017 was about $330. Luckily, drivers tend to tip as much as five dollars to a valet parking specialist, reducing the amount that they need to be paid to stand in their assigned spots. Considering the many American cities where it is hardest to park, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Seattle. New York is one of those locations where thousands of dollars in time and money are wasted when looking for empty parking spots, where this is about $2,200 each year in that city alone.

Custom Parking Tags and Valet Parking Ticket Printing

It is important to know that busy roads and parking make it hard to drive in these busy cities all over the nations. About 8 of 10 people tend to get scratches on their own cars while trying to park, making the benefits of custom parking tags quite visible. Even more than social locations, there is valet parking available at hospitals, where garages can be quite full, and the cost of an $8 valet service may be more helpful to allow the time to get inside immediately.

Valet Supplies to Improve Parking

As of 2016, over 146,000 valet attendants were employed across the country. In order to make sure that their services work efficiently there are many more supplied needing than the custom parking tags that work to help locate a car that has been parked. Some of these supplies include the following:

  • Valet tickets
  • Valet tickets for businesses
  • Valet parking tickets templates
  • Valet parking tags
  • 3 part valet tickets

With all of these and many more, there is much more to save than the time that you would spend as a driver scouring through a parking garage looking for your own parking spot. As much carbon dioxide that can be burned off by the engines that run for much longer than they need to is harmful to the earth. The addition of valet services to additional businesses and locations has the potential to increase the treatment of the earth along with adding jobs to several cities and improving the treatment of your cars as well.

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