When You Hire a Limo or Sedan Cab Service

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Americans always have a need for ground transit, and if someone does not own their own car or motorcycle, they may opt to hire a sedan cab service or limo services in their area. This is common across the United States, and countless legally certified sedan cab services and limo rental services can be found across the United States. A sedan cab service, sometimes just called a sedan service, is used to supplement regular taxi cabs in a city or town, and these sedan cab services may prove quite useful for passengers and an overwhelmed taxi cab service alike. What is there to know about sedan cab services and limo rentals today?

Sedan Services

Sedan services are used as legally sanctioned supplements to a city’s overworked taxi cab service. In this case, these sedan cab services will consist of drivers who offer their own personal vehicles as taxis, except that they are not owned by the city or private taxi services. These sedan cab services do not typically pick up hailing passengers like regular taxis do, and in fact doing so may conflict with the law. Instead, picking up specific passengers in these sedan cab services is arranged ahead of time. Such sedan cab services may have their own website and also use social media to allow communication with interested passengers. The cars used in sedan cab services may vary, and may be either more luxurious than regular taxis or may be simple and older cars instead. Either way, these sedan services may handle the excess of people wanting to use the regular taxis, since a city’s taxi service may not be able to keep up with demand.

Renting a Limo

These distinctive, elongated sedans are often associated with politicians and wealthy celebrities, and not without reason. What some Americans may not realize is that rental of these vehicles is very much affordable for everyday customers, and many thousands of taxi services exist across the United States today. Most of them are on the smaller side, and may have only five or so vehicles in their fleets. Around half of all limo rental during week days are for business and corporate customers, but during the weekends or evenings, other Americans may use these vehicles for transport to fun events such as weddings, high school proms, charity dinners, and more.

Limousines have come a long way since the short, early models in the 20th century that could seat only a few passengers. Some limousines today are known for their extraordinary size, features, or value, such as Midnight Rider. This is a world-famous limousine that acts like a night club on wheels, offering over 460 square feet of space and weighing a record 25 tons. This monster limousine is 70 feet long and has many features inside to make for a fun ride. Meanwhile, back in 1997, Jay Ohrberg built a 100-foot-long limousine that had 26 different wheels on it. This impressive vehicle even had a swimming pool, king-sized bed, Jacuzzi, and a helipad on it for the utmost luxury and convenience of its guests. Of course, most of the limos provided by today’s American limo services are not in that league, but this does not make them shabby or irrelevant. Many limousines today may seat around six to 12 people or so, enough space for most parties who would want to rent them for an evening. High school seniors going to their prom hardly need a Jacuzzi or a helipad.

To rent a limousine, such as to a wedding or a senior high school prom, an interested party may look online to find limo rental services in their area and get their contact information. After all, given how there are nearly 130,000 such companies in the United States, someone in any city or town shouldn’t have much trouble finding one. Once a company is found and contracted, the interested clients may ask them if they have a limo that seats the correct number of people, since a too-small limo can’t seat everyone and a too-large limo is a waste of money. Interested patrons may also visit the company and look over the limo in person, to ensure that it’s clean and in good shape before renting.

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