The 3 Main Types of Snow Pushers That Make Snow and Ice Removal Simple

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Every year, much of North America becomes blanketed in seemingly endless layers of snow and ice. And while it may be nice to look at, it certainly isn’t fun to drive through.

In fact, the average American driver will spend an additional $355 every year on car repairs caused by snow-related damage like potholes and rough roads. Because of this, it’s essential for every commercial snow removal service to have the highest-quality, most efficient snow removal equipment available.

Completely new to the world of snow pushers? Learn more about these crucial pieces of equipment for heavy-duty snow and ice removal by reading this guide to the three main types of snow pushers on the market today:

Straight plows

Straight plows are typically used to move snow away from a building. For this reason, their blades should never be angled toward a building, but should angle away from the building instead. The straight plow’s goal is to transport snow from the building as far away as it can.


The V-plow is, as its name implies, a plow that’s shaped like a V, with the tip of the V facing away from the truck. These angled snow pushers are best used to break through hard-packed snow and ice buildup. Angled snow pushers are very versatile, however, and can be used to scoop and carry snow as well.

Containment plows

Also referred to as box plows or pushers, these are the most common type of heavy-duty snow pushers. These are used to clear snow and ice from large areas, such as parking lots or airport runways, in a timely and efficient manner. Few plows are as effective at stacking large piles of snow, as well.

Have any other questions about the different types of snow pusher boxes and heavy duty snow plows? Feel free to ask us anything by leaving a comment below.

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