Don’t Buy A Hybrid Car Until You Read This


Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid car owners love their cars. Hybrid vehicles not only save money on fuel, but also save the environment because of a decrease in green house gas emissions. An estimated 2,180,000 hybrid vehicles were sold in the United States in 2012. If you are planning on buying a hybrid car here are a few things to keep in mind.

Why Choose Hybrid Vehicles

There are many reasons to consider going hybrid. Hybrid cars are 20-35% more fuel efficient than traditional gas powered cars. In fact, the 2000 Insight ranks as the most efficient EPA certified gas vehicle ever, with a highway rating of 61 miles per US gallon and combined city/highway rating of 53 miles per gallon. The typical hybrid vehicle decreases harmful emissions by 25% to 35% on average. Apart from the environmental benefits there are added tax perks. In the United States, purchasing a hybrid vehicle can mean incentives for the owner, ultimately saving hybrid drivers up to $3,400 in taxes.

Do Hyrbrid Vehicles Drive Like Traditional Cars?

Many people wonder if Hybrid cars have a different driving experience or if they are under powered in comparison to traditional cars. There is little difference when driving a hybrid vehicle, the transition between fuel and battery is barely noticeable making the car ride just as smooth and easy as a traditional fuel powered vehicle. Having a battery means less wasted energy even while braking. Hybrid vehicles use regenerative charging for the batteries installed, meaning that even energy used while braking is used to charge the hybrid batteries.

Costs of Hybrid Cars Down the Road

One of the biggest concerns for prospective hybrid car owners is the cost of replacing a hybrid battery. Many hybrid batteries come with an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty, but research shows that the lifespan of hybrid batteries can be only 6 years. This no means nearly all hybrid car owners will be in the market for a hybrid battery replacement or repair at some point. When buying a hybrid car it may be a good idea to budget for the cost of replacing the hybrid battery, they can cost between 3,000 to 4,000 dollars.

Even though hybrid cars are going to cost an average of 15-25% more than traditional cars, the cost is recouped several times if the vehicle is owned for a long span of time, also there is the satisfaction of helping to reduce pollution in the environment for future generations and isn’t that priceless?

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