Spray On Bedliners Protecting Your Truck Beds

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If you have a pickup truck, you aren’t alone. Pickup trucks are surprisingly popular, and used by more people than you might think. In fact, it’s estimated that in 2013, for every eight cars that were sold, one was a full-sized pickup truck. 90% of those pickup trucks were produced by Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. August 2015 saw a jump in the sale of pickup trucks by 8%, and the Ford F-150 has been the bestselling vehicle in the U.S. since 1982. You might be surprised, however, by the place where the largest amount of pickup trucks are sold. It’s actually California, home to 24% of all pickup trucks in the country. Among the top selling points of pickup trucks are truck beds, and with them come truck bedliners. Truck bedliners can change the appearance of a truck bed, and for that matter can also add to the durability of the truck bed overall. However, it’s important that when applying truck bedliners, you use wrap cut tape to ensure clean edges and a more precise appearance. Wiretrim tape is also helpful, as wiretrim tape is used to trim many types of coatings, traditionally. Below we’ll explore the different levels of usefulness to truck bedliners, and how these liners can be applied in different methods.

Why Should You Choose Spray On Truck Bedliners?

There are many different advantages to having a truck bedliner in general — but with that being said, those who have chosen truck bedliners don’t necessarily have to stick to the more traditional, temporary bedliners. Spray on bedliners can give much more value for a person’s money. They’re much more permanent, and for that matter are a lot smoother, lying flat against the actual truck bed in a way that a more temporary liner does not. These liners are designed to be anti-slip and anti-skid, which makes them much safer those traveling in the backs of truck beds. This is an important factor to consider — though officially, people are not encouraged to travel in truck beds, they often do anyway. If this applies to you or someone you love, you’ll naturally want them to be as safe as possible, and a spray on truck bedliner guarantees that in a way moe temporary truck bedliners do not. Furthermore, they are far more able to face the elements in a way that most truck bedliners cannot. Think of it as a way to make good on your investment — rather than getting a cheaper truck bedliner that will have to be replaced sooner rather than later, you get one that will last. It needs to make it not only through the elements, but through the stress placed upon it by the things that need to be transported in the truck bed. Part of the reasons why these materials are so durable has to do with what they are made of, and how they are applied.

Truck Bedliners: The Materials And The Applications

As we’ve gone over above, there are plenty of reasons why people choose spray truck bedliners over temporary ones. Spray bedliners have more permanence in part because they come in two classes of material, with two main application methods involved. The main classes are in aromatic and aliphatic compounds, they are applied either with a low pressure method that involves no heat, or a high pressure method that involves heat. What, you may ask, are the advantages of using polyurethane sprays on your truck bedliner? Well, aside from the more general advantages mentioned above, there are plenty of more technical advantages as well. Polyurethane adds years of durability, due to the fact that it prevents scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination from OEM paint. In fact, polyurethane was originally used in World War II as a replacement for rubber, highlighting its usage as a durable, reliable form of protection from truck beds.

The choice is clear: if you want to protect your truck beds — and get the most use out of them for as long as possible — spray on bedliners are the best options.

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