To Get the Most from Your Snow Pusher, Give it Proper Care and Feeding in the Off Season

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Snow pusher rubber cutting edge

Snow is more dangerous than people realize. In 2014, severe winter weather events were the cause of 15% of all car accidents with insured drivers. That same year, New York City had to spend nearly $131 million on snow removal.In terms of weather related damages, snow was second only to thunderstorms.Canada spends nearly $1 billion each year on snow removal. If you have snow pushers for loaders, you need to properly maintained to get you through the winter.

There are things you can do but you need to think about it long before the snow starts falling. When anyone who lives in a snow zone, they know that snow removal will be a part of their lives for at least a few months out of the year, every year. That is why you do not want to take a chance and not perform routine maintenance on snow pushers for loaders all year.

4 Tips to Keeping Snow Blower Ready for Winter from Snow Pusher Manufacturers

  1. UV rays can be very damaging to the sno pusher. If you have one, you need to have someplace to store it. Specifically, the rubber on the tires, shoes, hinges and edges.The sun is so damaging to snow pushers that too much exposure will shorten the lifespan of the equipment and force the owner to replace the shoes and the blades more often than should be necessary. This can end up costing a lot of money.
  2. Keep it clean. When dust and dirt and other debris is allowed to accumulate it can damage the snow pusher.andnbsp;Experts say power washing is the best think you can do to take care of your snow pusher at the end of the snow season to prevent issues it may cause. Once it has been power washed, you can take care of any corrosion that has occurred. The way you do that is by removing it and ten use a metal neutralizer to prevent the reoccurrence of the rust. You should allow the areas that were treated to dry and then put on a primer and paint the treated areas. You will want to consult any literature that came with the paint. They all have different methods that need to be applied so check with the manufacturer.
  3. Pay attention to your snow pusher. You need to inspect to see if it has any broken parts. Check for wear and tear evidence on the snow pusher. You will want to replace anything that needs it before the start of the snow season. Stay safe by checking that all of the nuts and bolts are tightened properly. The shoes and the edge need to be paid a bit more attention.
  4. Keep your snow pusher well lubricated. This is an important thing for it to operate correctly. While the snow pusher may seem simple, variations do exist. Consult with the manufacturer for the right kind, amount and frequency with which you should lubricate your equipment.The equipment can also be found online so you can get this information from there.

Having done all that, you should be ready to use your snow pushers for loaders for the entire winter. You should be able to be the hero after a snow storm. Or you can use your snow pusher box for hauling away other materials. The proper care and feeding of your snow pusher is not rocket science but it does require some care and feeding to operate at its best level.

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