Sno Pushers Take on Winter Weather and More

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Snow pushers for loaders

With winter weather on the way, it’s time to start gearing up for snow removal. While cities and businesses hope their snow removal budgets will be sufficient to deal with this season’s snowfall, snow removal contractors are making sure that their snow moving equipment is in good condition. Snow pusher manufacturers offer a variety of containment options, like the angled snow pusher, for heavy duty snow removal from areas of one acre of more in size.

Winter wallop

Winter weather is no joke. Blizzards, snowstorms, and ice cause power outages, automobile accidents, and lost days at work which cost businesses and cities millions of dollars. Cities and insurance companies take major financial hits due to winter weather. In 2014, New York City spent $130.7 million on snow removal. Also in 2014, damage due to winter weather accounted for 15% of all catastrophic losses of insured homes, autos and businesses.

In 2014, winter weather was responsible for the most weather-related damage, right behind thunderstorms. In the same year, a study released by IHS Global Insight showed that just one day of a snow-related shutdown in New York can cost up to $700 million, of which $152 million is due to lost retail sales.

Be prepared

In the snow belt, however, they know how to deal with snow. Even as budgets are strained and plows work overtime, they manage to get the job done and to keep life functioning normally. With so much at stake, this is the busy season for snow pushers and heavy duty snow plows.

The right equipment to clear accumulated snow from parking lots, airport runways and industrial facilities can go a long way in keeping businesses humming along. Sno pusher blades can be hard rubber or steel. A steel snow pusher combines durability with strength. An angled snow pusher can even remove hard packed snow, after days of the thaw-freeze cycle. Sno pushers are also used to clear snow and ice from sports arenas.

Ingeniously simple products that get the job done

Snow pusher manufacturers offer snow containment options that are up to 500% more effective than conventional blades or buckets. Snow pushers are also durable and long lasting. An angled sno pusher with sturdy construction can last as long as 20 years. An angled snow pusher unit is also versatile and has many more uses beyond snow confinement. It can be used for moving and handling light materials like water, mid, silage, sludge, manure, grain and trash

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