Schedule a Limousine When You Need Comfortable and Reliable Corporate Transportation Services

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Currently, the United States boasts a combined number of approximately 200,309 limousine and taxi services. As to sole limo service fleets, there are over 130 limousines serving customers throughout the country. While roughly 60% of these companies have less than 5 vehicles in their limo service fleet, others obviously have a larger number.

On an annual basis, this facet of the transportation industry generates a considerable amount of revenue. Recent figures indicate that an estimated $11 billion in revenue enters the American economy every year.

The limousine and taxi industry is also experiencing an increase in business. During 2009 to 2015, for example, business expanded by roughly 3.2% for each year.

This industry is also a major employer in the United States. There are approximately 256,761 individuals employed in various positions, which includes drivers, schedulers, mechanics, and other service personnel.

Business and corporate customers tend to schedule 50% of the limousine services used during the week. While there are other popular limousine styles, sedans are the most popular luxury vehicle utilized by these types of clients. After sedans, business clients tend to request stretch limousines. These are popular because they can accommodate more passengers.

While business and corporate clients may also be interested in renting party buses for corporate events, these are also a good choice for the general population. This is particularly the cases for group transportation to bachelor and bachelorette parties as well as other events such as family reunions. In addition to being fun, party buses are also an affordable option.

Party buses can comfortably accommodate 50 passengers or less. They are also a unique mode of transportation for friends and family going on a wine tour or another type of excursion that includes sightseeing.

In addition to providing a comfortable and convenient mode of travel to corporate events, limousines are an excellent means of travel to-and-from the airport and to other destinations. Party buses can provide safe and reliable transportation to celebratory events, such as bachelor and bachelorette parties. Furthermore, they also provide a fun environment when traveling through wine country and other sightseeing tours.

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