5 Tips for Keeping Your Machine Tools in Top Working Order

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What is milling

Machine tools make everyday life tasks easier and more convenient. Many industries including construction, auto mechanics, and even homeowners have a collection of machine tools to complete needed projects. Because of their level of convenience and ability to efficiently complete projects, machine tools tend to be a little expensive. The costs are justified by the fact that they last for many years and require very little in replacements, as long as they are properly cared for. Proper care of your machine tools requires the following steps.

Proper usage
Proper usage is the first step in maintain and keeping your machine tools running properly. Many machine tool owners are not aware that improper handling techniques can actually cause the machine to malfunction prematurely. You can usually learn proper techniques by paying close attention to the owner?s manual. The owner?s manual includes operating techniques, maintenance needs, and even troubleshooting information. If you experience any basic problems with your machine tools, you can attempt to troubleshoot and correct them yourself. However, if the problem is advanced, you might require a local machine services expertise.

Timely repairs and regular maintenance
Timely repairs and regular maintenance are also important to extending the life of your machine tools. Machine shop repairs can be expensive, but they are not as expensive as entirely replacing your tools. Machine tools must be extremely hard and durable, making regular maintenance and repairs a must for quality purposes. You should have your machine tool inspected, minimally, once per year. However, if you are using the machine tool for commercial usage, more frequent of inspections might be needed. Any time the tool requires repair, it is important to do it in a timely manner, to prevent any additional problems with the tool. Most machine shop repair locations will take in tools for quick repair.

Use a lot of lubrication
Machine tools often work by rubbing multiple parts together. These parts, over time, can become dull and begin to break down. Not only can this affect the machine, but can produce a less than desirable effect on your product or project. Lubrication can be especially beneficial in maintaining productivity with all machine tools. Machine tools that regularly rub together should be well lubricated at all times to avoid damage. Properly lubricating your tools can prevent costly and frequent machine shop and engineering services.

Proper storage
Storage is another concern for proper maintenance, especially in residential settings. The problem with residential machine tools is that they are not used as frequently. If they are not stored properly, they can wear down over time. The cost of rebuilding tools and machine shop repairs is not always an option to residential machine tool users, making proper storage even more important. Try not to leave your machine tools outside for long periods of time. Ensure that they are stored in a temperature protective room during extremely cold or hot months. Especially avoid rain and snow, as the water can cause them to rust.

Regular cleanings
Regular machine tools cleanings are probably the easiest and most cost effective method available to preserving your machine tools. Properly cleaning your machine tools on a regular basis can prevent build up that could result in damage, or cause the machine to function poorly. A lack of proper cleaning often occurs in commercial settings, where the tools may be used numerous times per day. Cleanings often get put off, and the machine tool wears down much quicker, requiring machine tool repairs sooner.

You invested a lot of money into your machine tool collection. Whether you use your machine tools for business or home projects, it is important to keep them in good working shape to protect your investment. You can prolong the life of your machine tools and reduce the repairs needed by keeping them well lubricated, following the owner?s manual, properly storing them when not in use, and keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections. Also, know when it is time to take your machine tools to your machine shop repair for needed maintenance.

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