Routine Maintenance Equals Long Life for Your Car

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No matter what you drive, you are going to have maintenance issues at some point. The automobile repair industry generates an estimated $58 billion in revenue throughout the United States. If you drive an import, it can be important to look into local import auto maintenance shops. Whether you own an Audi or Volkswagen, figure out your car repair questions early to ensure the long-life of your car.

Audi has a long history as one of the worlds leading car companies. Audi manufactures cars in plants all over the world including German, India and China. Audi sales have continued to grow since 2000. Four companies make up the Audi company. This is why the Audi logo has four rings. Audi produces a variety of models including the highly popular A6 and A8 models. The car company has continued to diversify creating unique crossovers, SUVs and wagons.

Volkswagen means “peoples car” in German. Volkswagen had three cars in the 10 list of best-selling cars of all time in the list compiled by the website “24/7 Wall Street” in the Golf, Beetle and Passat. The Volkswagen Golf is one of the more highly acclaimed cars in the world as it won the World Car of the Year and European Car of the Year in 2013. Volkswagen has produced four winners in the World Car of the Year competition. VW performance is cutting edge, as the company spends the most of any automaker on research and development since 2011.

Audis and Volkswagens are excellent cars to own, if you are doing the routine maintenance to ensure its long life. The anti-freeze in your Audi or Volkswagen should be changed every year minimum to avoid performance issues. Audi and Volkswagen owners should check their oil levels every week, some vehicles run at very high temperatures which could deplete oil quickly. Audis and Volkswagens have custom parts and maintenance requirements due to the high quality manufacturing of the vehicles. Contact your local Audi repair or Volkswagen repair shops if you have any questions.

Routine maintenance can be the difference between a long-life or slow death for your car. If you want to get the best performance out of your Audi or Volkswagen, find a foreign car repair specialist. Talk with your local car repair shop and get your car repair questions answered quickly.

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