How to Get the Gear Head For Women Attracted to Mechanics

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As simple as Adam and Eve are the basics of mechanics. The first machine tools ever made were the bow lathe and bow drill. Machine tool builders have come a long way since then, but high precision machining started with these simple items. Machine tools are usually used for removing material from a work piece, mostly for functionality. So what do you need to do to make hot, hands-on mechanics see the functionality in you?

Know the Basics of Usage
You never know when you might have to put your skills to the test so it’s best to know the basics. Step one: lubricate. Rubbing a natural part of the function of many machines. Be sure to keep things lubricated so that they move smoothly. If you start to hear sounds that appear to be unnatural given the task the machine is up for, it probably is. Keep an ear out for loud and alarming sounds with machine tooling as they may be a sign that something is wrong.

Listen More than Talking
If you want to sound knowledgable but simply aren’t, just do more listening. Let him tell you about his machine shop services and machining techniques. Try to throw in a bit about the the lathe here and there and you should be alright.

Use Your Hands
Keep these hands-on men engaged by planning hands-on activities. Try brewing beer instead of drinking it. Consider pitching a tent instead of getting a hotel room. There are all kinds of ways to keep those who are inclined to love high precision machining focused.

The blue collar boy of your dreams is out there and with the right knowledge, you can catch him!

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