Three Things You May Not Have Known About Subaru

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For years, Subaru has been one of the United States’ most popular imported cars. With its outstanding car safety features, impressive performance, and stellar affordability, Subaru cars never fail to impress the American consumer. Subaru dealerships, it seems, can’t sell their cars fast enough. People across the country find Subarus to be a hot commodity. The company itself has a rich and proud history, which shows in each and every model they produce.

To better illustrate what Subaru is and why it’s so popular, here are three not-quite-known tidbits of information that are sure to peak your interest:

  1. Subaru is 100 Years Old: Subaru can trace its origins back to 1915 when The Aircraft Research Laboratory was founded in Japan. It was the first Japanese company to produce airplanes! The company underwent significant changes in its first 50 years. It would eventually turn into Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru’s parent company today.
  2. They Are Great to Resell: Subaru is well-known (among many other things) for its impressive resell value. Subaru engineering and parts are so robust that used Subarus fetch a pretty penny on the market. In fact, Kelley Blue Book, a leading automotive industry publication, gave its prestigious 2015 Best Resale Value Brand Award to Subaru for its stellar reselling features.
  3. Safety, Safety, Safety: Subaru’s safety features are considered to be some of the finest in the world for mid-sized, economic vehicles. Among the many recognitions Subaru has received over the years, the four-door Subaru Outback received the Top Safety Pick of 2015 from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. This prestigious award goes to the cars that provide the best car safety features in the market, something Subaru has lead for years.

Next time you are in the market for a car, consider Subaru for amazing performance, excellent service, and a ride you simple will not forget.

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