How to Fix a Golf Cart

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Whether you live in the suburbs or simply a frequent visitor to the local golf course, you have probably had your share of golf cart rides. Goft carts are incredibly convenient, for quick travel and a smooth ride from hole to hole on the golf course. If you own your own golf cart, then chances are you have had to perform your own golf cart maintenance every now and then. Golf carts are usually very easy as far as upkeep is concerned, but it is still important to know the basics if you are looking at investing in a golf cart.

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In this video, we will look at some of the basics on golf cart maintenance.

In comparison popping the hood of your car, the gold cart works in much the same way. Instead of the hood, however, you pop open the bottom of the seating. Here you can see the starter, the engine, the spark plugs, and everything else you need to perform basic maintenance. While you should give your cart a tune-up every now and again, one of the most important things to change is the air filter. Tightening up the brakes and adjusting the clutch are also common things you should do.


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