Car Crash Tests Need an Update

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Do car crash tests need to be updated? They haven’t been updated in many years. You would think that cars have been getting safer with the number of safety features and improvement in safety ratings. However, 38,000 people died to moto vehicle accidents in 2020 alone. This number is astonishing. It may be time to change the way we view safety in cars.

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Any auto mechanic company will tell you that each car is unique. Safety features can not be generic cookie-cutter features to simply add to a car’s description. They must provide actual benefits to the safety of the occupants. This is why we use crash tests. However, these crash tests are not accurate.

The main reason for crash tests not being accurate is that they were not designed for females. They were designed back in the day by likely male majority boards. However, women are more vulnerable to car crashes. In fact, they are 73% more likely to be injured and 17% more likely to die. These numbers can not be taken lightly. This is also why car crash tests must design female dummies to obtain more accurate safety ratings.


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