How to avoid scratches in your vehicle and how to fix them

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Your vehicle is an important asset that you want to maintain and keep looking its best. There are a number of different things that can happen to your vehicle that can be a simple DIY fix with a touch up paint kit.

Being in a busy parking lot is one of the easiest ways to scratch and dent your vehicle. Whether it is other people opening their doors into your car or you backing up into barriers it happens multiple times a day. Not everyone is a great driver so when you decide to park your car it may be wise to avoid parking near vehicles that are not parked well, parked close to others, or are very large vehicles. People aren’t always careful with their carts, keys or kids so trying to park away from others can help avoid new scratches in your vehicle. If you happen to come back from shopping and need to touch up a new scratch there are plenty of touch up paint options that will match your paint perfectly depending on the make and model of vehicle you have. There are a ton of car touch up paint kits available for your needs.

Having a dirty vehicle can cause paint to get scratched and scuffed up as well. Having your car touched or rubbed by people when it has dirt all over it can cause minor scratching. If you have small kids around they sometimes want to draw smiling faces and cartoons on your dirty car as a joke or just for fun. Advise them it is not a good idea as it can damage your paint. Keeping your vehicle clean and waxed will ensure you don’t acquire scratches from dirt. A recent survey from Direct Line stated, 52% of most car damages reported was from being keyed or other minor incidents causing scratched paint. Using a car touch up paint kit can save you time at the shop and get you back to everyday life.

Touching up your paint using a car touch up paint kit is quite a simple task and can be done at home very easily. The steps are simple and here are the basics:

* Wash the vehicle and scratched area thoroughly
* Search for rust discoloration and sand if needed
* Apply a wax remover to the scratched area
* Sand around the scratched area to prep for paint
* Wipe down to remove debris
* Find the primer and touch paint that matches your vehicle
* Either use a spray or touch up brush to apply the paint
* You may need to sand and reapply a few times
* Wash the car once more to ensure the paint is matched correctly

This process is quite simple for most anyone to do at home and the paint touch up kit products available are high quality and can be matched almost perfectly.

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