Unnecessary Idling Wastes Time And Money The Benefits Of Installing A GPS Business Tracking Device

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The GPS is truly a marvel of the age. Just look at all it can do.

It’s able to tell the time to an incredibly accurate margin…and not just in your own hemisphere, either! They help drivers find their destination more quickly than if they’d relied on a map or intuition. Last, but certainly not least, they can help businesses save a lot of money. Yes, it’s hard to think of what the GPS can’t do. If you’re someone that could use a little bit of everything in one handy package, the gps tracking business service is where to go.

Here’s what a fleet camera system can do to finally get you saving money and time in this already hectic year.

The History Of The GPS For Business Use

The GPS is so common we can take it for granted. It’s found in countless cars, it’s used in satellites, it can even be downloaded in a few minutes as an app. The GPS was first introduced for automobiles back in the 1990’s, seen then as an incredible advancement at the time for its convenience and accessibility both. The GPS tracking business is now becoming more frequently used by several industries, particularly those that need a little bit of everything. Take a look at snow removal, for instance.

Canada’s Growing Need For Better Snow Removal Services

Canada is a country regularly hit by heavy snow. Without the ongoing efforts of clean-up crews much of the city would be downright impossible to navigate. Recent studies found Canada’s top ten cities get snow averaging 55 days per year. Montreal, in particular, relies on over 170 vehicles to clear roads, as well as 185 to clear the sidewalks. Seven-inch snowfall tends to be removed in fewer than five days, with about five days if it snows a foot.

Gas And Time Wasted During Unnecessary Idling

Not only can GPS fleet tracking help with maneuvering around a frozen city, it can also help save a business money on what’s known as ‘unnecessary idling’. This is a term that speaks for itself and one you’re likely too aware of. Unnecessary idling just two hours per day can squander nearly $800 per year per truck. That’s a lot of money that could be instead put toward maintenance costs or raises. You can even find green benefits.

Environmental Friendliness Of GPS Tracking Systems

Outdoor air pollution isn’t as bad as indoor air pollution, but it isn’t for lack of trying. Unnecessary idling drains money and spits even more nastiness into the air, putting everyone in a bad spot to do what they do best. Idle reduction is proven to be better for the environment as well as closer in accordance with the law. There are over 40 states and local government jurisdictions that will issue fines if this isn’t complied with. These range from a mere $50 warning to thousands of dollars.

Using GPS Tracking Solutions To Save Money

Commercial vehicle tracking is fast becoming an irreplaceable part of everyday business. Once you get a taste of that convenience, you won’t want to quit. The maintenance costs associated with idling, already bad enough with their impact on the environment, range $2 per day for diesel engines. Top that off with tired employees that just want to go home and GPS tracking business solutions just make sense. The best electronic logging devices are easy to learn and incredibly flexible, able to be used just about anywhere at any time.

Take advantage of the resources around you. Get a GPS equipment tracker that saves money, saves green, and saves time.

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