Five Statistics Proving That Each Coach Bus Traveler Really Makes a Big Difference

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The best part about traveling on a coach bus or charter bus rental service isn’t just that you’re saving money while cultivating your green thumb by using an eco-friendly travel option — the best part is that you’re playing a huge role in stimulating the economy on both regional and national levels. You may not have realized it, but by choosing to travel with your local bus services, you’re making a really big difference! If you don’t believe us, take a look at the statistics listed below, taken from a recent study conducted by the American Bus Association, and see what you think:

$55 billion: The average amount of revenue that coach bus transportation generates, per year, through the transactions of travelers and tourists.

792,700: The number of jobs that exist because of the coach bus industry, including everything from drivers at bus companies, bus sales, and the manufacturing of industry equipment.

$1.65: The average amount of money that is invested in other tourism and travel industries for every $1 that is invested in the coach bus industry. In total, this adds up to about $1.2 billion of revenue per year.

14.4 million: The estimated number of Americans living in rural areas that depend on coach buses for intracity travel — if it weren’t for bus services, these millions of Americans would have no affordable and convenient way to travel between cities.

6 cents: The amount of money that comes from federal subsidies for each passenger trip on a motorcoach. For comparison, commercial airlines require about $4.32 and Amtrak trains require $46.06 per passenger trip, which all comes from government subsidies that are paid by taxpayers.

So now it’s probably easy to see how every single passenger and every single bus trip might look insignificant, but really adds up to make a big impact. And when you choose to travel on one of your local bus companies, you are contributing to that positive impact too!

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