4 Types of Hose Clamps


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While working on plumbing yourself can seem like an impossible task, knowing enough about the materials you are using can help you to be successful. One common material used in plumbing is a hose clamp. Hose clamps can be used to clamp lines in in-home plumbing systems as well as to fasten hoses in automotive systems. Hose clamps are meant to provide even pressure on all sides of the hose without any spaces. Hose clamps can be a great alternative to using duct tape or heavy-duty zip ties. Hose clamps can come in different sizes, materials and types, such as plastic hose clamps or screw clamps. Knowing which hose clamp you need is the first step to successful plumbing.

Find the Right Size Adjustable Hose Clamp
The first step to finding the right hose clamp is to find out what size you need. In order to do this, measure the outside diameter of the item that you are clamping, with the fitting inside. Make sure to measure this using inches or millimeters, depending on the standard measurements of the hose clamps you’ll be purchasing. Once you have the outside diameter measured, head to your local home improvement store to look for hose clamps that will fit this diameter. Hose clamps usually have a minimum and maximum range that they will fit, so make sure that your outside diameter falls into this range. It’s very important to get the right size hose clamp as installing a hose clamp that is too big or too small can put your hose at risk for gas, liquid or other leaks.

Types of Hose Clamps
There are many different types of hose clamps. There are spring clamps, wire clamps and screw clamps/worm gear clamps. These clamps vary in materials and while most are stainless steel hose clamps, some are plastic hose clamps.

Spring Clamps
Spring clamps are made from medium-carbon steel, which allows the clamp to return to its original shape easily. They are mainly used by auto-mechanics to secure hoses within vehicles.

Wire Clamps
Wire hose clamps are usually made of a heavy wire material, which is then bent into a U shape. Wire hose clamps can be used to secure a variety of hoses.

Screw Clamps/Worm Gear Clamps
Screw clamps have a stainless steel band with a screw thread pattern in the band. Their main use is for temporarily and quickly fixing damaged pipes. They can also be used to connect sections in household plumping.

Plastic Hose Clamps
While most of the above mentioned hose clamps are made from a steel material, there are also plastic hose clamps. Plastic hose clamps can also be used for a variety of hoses but are not as sturdy as steel clamps. One common use for plastic hose clamps are for aquarium hoses.

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