Three Reasons To Travel By Charter Bus

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Ever wish you had an easy way to figure out how to be more environmentally conscious without sacrificing too much time, convenience, or money? Luckily, as far as travelling goes, you can “go green” while still having all of these things — by choosing to travel on your local charter bus services! Here are a few reasons to explain what we mean:

  • With over 3,400 bus companies comprising the U.S. charter bus industry, it’s definitely not hard to locate the nearest bus services and find a good rate. Additionally, because each charter bus has the ability to take the place of 55 individual cars on the road, charter buses are able to decrease congestion in buy cities. And because bus companies prepare very well for each trip they take, planning out everything from the miles traveled to the time it will take, you’ll always arrive at your destination safely and on time.

  • Although bus companies all determine their ticket prices differently, one thing is the same across the board: you’ll always know how much your trip costs, and you’ll never have to worry about extra fees for baggage, gas, or mid-trip maintenance problems.

  • And finally, research studies have consistently proven that charter buses are the most eco-friendly travel option available today — just looking at the gas consumption for various vehicles will give you an idea of what this means. According to a 2014 report from the American Bus Association, commuter rail trains have about 90 passenger miles per gallon of gas; domestic airplanes get almost 55 passenger miles per gallon; and single-passenger cars get about 28 miles per gallon. But charter buses? They average almost 240 passenger miles for each gallon of gas consumed.

So what do you think? Are charter buses the best way to go, or do you think another type of transportation is going to become more eco-friendly in the near future? Be sure to share your thoughts and questions with us!

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