Three Reasons To Buy a New Car


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According to the expert analysts at Edmunds, new car sales have accounted for about 29% of all car sales in the U.S. in recent years; even though this might seem like a fairly small percentage, it’s worth noting that used cars have been more popular than new cars within the past decade due to the recession that began in 2007-2008. But as the American economy continues to grow stronger, the auto industry is growing stronger as well — and more consumers are choosing to buy new cars now, in record-breaking numbers.

So what are the benefits of buying a new car, as opposed to a used car?

  1. Even though new cars are (naturally) more expensive than most used cars, consumers usually have an easier time financing new cars with the number of flexible payments plans that new car dealers offer. Additionally, many dealers sell new cars with additional benefits like complimentary oil changes, tire rotation, and auto service by in-house mechanics.

  2. Speaking of flexibility, many people choose to buy a new car because they have the ability to customize it, choosing everything from the interior fabric to extra music features on the dashboard. The best part about having this flexibility is that you end up with a car that fits your needs perfectly — without paying for extra features that you don’t want and won’t use.

  3. And finally, many consumers choose new cars because of safety concerns. While new cars are just as susceptible to manufacturer recalls for damaged parts, you won’t have to worry about your car needing any repairs right after you’ve purchased it, simply because it’s two or three years old. Additionally, the amount of technology that has been developed and applied to safety features in the past few years is astounding — everything from rear cameras to safer airbags can be found in new cars.

What do you think? Are you convinced that new cars are the way to go, or do you think there’s still an argument for purchasing a used car instead? Read more articles like this.

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