Five Fun Facts About the Average Bus


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You’re probably all too familiar with the smelly old yellow school bus you took to and from school everyday, and maybe that much familiarity has led you to believe that buses are awful creatures. But trust us — they’re actually pretty cool. And no, most of them are not like that smelly yellow bus at all.

1. The word “bus” is actually a shortened form of the Latin word “omnibus,” which means “for all.” Quite literally, when the bus was first invented, it was intended as an alternate form of travel when only the rich could ride in carriages, and everybody else had to walk. Buses, on the other hand, provided transportation for anyone and everyone.

2. The first buses were actually a lot like carriages, however, and in the 1820s they were actually drawn by horses. There are probably a lot of people who are thankful that this aspect of the bus has changed and shows no signs of making a comeback.

3. The oldest working bus route in the London 24, and it’s been running the same route since 1910, from Hampstead Heath to Pimlico. (We can only hope that the drivers don’t get too sick of the same route everyday.)

4. Buses are becoming one of the greenest ways to travel, and government data also shows that coach buses are some of the safest vehicles out on the road. More bus companies have begun using hybrid electric coach buses, and car manufacturers have begun tapping into the bus industry and helping to develop new operating systems.

5. Whether passengers just need to get across town or whether they need to get across the country, countless Americans choose to travel by bus every day. Charter bus services are more affordable than ever, they’re pretty predictable as far as scheduling goes, and they’re as hassle-free as travel can be.

Who knew that buses had such a long history, right? Now we’re turning the conversation over to you: anyone happen to have some interesting bus facts on hand? Be sure to let us know in the comments section! Find more on this here.

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