The Nitty Gritty of DIY Home Repair and Projects

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Spring hose clamp

If you’re like many Americans, you may have tackled your home’s repair or renovation projects yourself in order to save money. While many of these “do it yourself” or DIY projects can be educational and fun, even for those who are not “handy”, if you do not have, or do not know how to properly use the tools of the trade, you may find yourself in a bit of trouble or wishing you had called a professional.

A hose clamp is nifty piece of hardware designed to attach hoses and/or tubes to a number of different objects ad fixtures, including kitchen and bathroom sinks, and even auto engines. The fitting the hose is attached to is called the barb, nib, or nipple. Typically, the clamp is first attached to the end of the hose that is set to be fastened to the barb. Then, the hose is attached around the nib and the clamp is securely tightened.

There are several different kinds of types of hose clamps available, ranging in size from small hose clamps to large hose clamps and everything in between. One of the simplest types is a spring clamp, which is a cylindrical strip of metal with many protrusions. Spring clamps can be tightened around the house with an everyday pair of pliers simply by pushing the protrusions towards each other. These clamps are especially popular for hoses are difficult and cumbersome to reach due to the ease of which they can be tightened and fastened. However, they are limited to how tightly they can be attached.

Screw clamps are also quite popular, and consist of slotted, metal band and a screw which tightens along the slots when turned in the right direction. These clamps are usually used for hoses that are at least half an inch in diameter or even larger. Additionally, they are commonly used for temporarily fixing pipes in need of repair, or in emergency situations such as the breaking of water pipe, as they can attach the hose to nib quite firmly and easily.

The list goes on. If you have questions or concerns regarding how to properly use hose clamps or which kind to buy, consult your local hardware store or turn to the internet. There are several online tutorials available that are sure to help your next DIY home repair go smoothly.


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