Does Your Car Need a Machining Serviceor a Graveyard?

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The last thing you need at any point is to lose faith in your car; whether it is because of clattering noises from under the engine, horrific gas mileage, the inability to start or stay running, or a constant stress to replace failing parts, no one loves hearing the unexpected news that their car needs to retire. Hopefully, you reach this revelation before your vehicle leaves you stranded somewhere you do not want to be. However, purchasing a brand new vehicle has a high cost (the price tag) with not as high of a return (the new car smell being one). For this reason, trading in the used for the less used is a much more viable option for most people in the car market. Here are a few important facts to remember about used cars if you are looking for some new to you wheels.

Firstly, it’s important to consider whether you are truly in need of a new car or just thorough machining services. Used cars are notorious for being money pits, so if you aren’t familiar enough with cars to know if yours has crossed the line into a waste of money and a never-ending cost of rebuilding tools, find a reputable machine shop to give you the truth. Machining services may end up being cheaper in the end, though, than investing in new wheels. However, if you talk to a mechanic and machining services aren’t for you, here’s what to do next:

  • 1. Compare a private sale and a dealership sale. There are ups and downs to how you choose to purchase a car. In a dealership, you get to enjoy high quality customer service, financing options, warranties, and quality assurance of used cars. Flexible financing options are a large factor in choosing a dealership: many car salesman can offer a credit based leasing option for those that have the credit scores to support it, or an income or down payment based leasing option for those that are still repairing their credit.

    Unfortunately, a private sale usually does not offer that kind of flexibility. In the event of a purchase through Craigslist, Facebook, or any other sale where a dealership or professional car salesman is not involved, cash is most likely required up front for the car sale, which may make the purchase of a newer vehicle through private sale unrealistic for many. Additionally, be cautious of purchasing your new car through private platforms if you are not confident of the car’s integrity; private sellers are generally under no obligation to have the car up to date and mechanically sound for the next buyer, whereas a dealer’s reputation would be at stake.
  • 2. Keep an eye on your dealership’s inventory. If you are going to trade your vehicle in at a dealership, it is smart to time your trade in with the ideal season of inventory for the dealership. Car lots enter a window of time annually when they want to flush out their inventory in preparation for the influx of that year’s new models. You will know when this season arrives by the dealership’s boost in advertisement, and you’ll likely hear promises of great discounts of the cars that are still in the way of the new inventory. If you can keep your ride from retiring until that point, you will score some great savings on your new car.
  • 3.Mileage and trade in value are inversely related. Dragging your feet when it comes to turning in your old college car? Putting off hauling in your beater into the dealership? You may be inadvertently costing yourself more money in the long term. As you tack on more and more miles onto your car, the trade in worth of the vehicle drops. Additionally, repairs for older vehicles tend to cost more than newer models.

  • There are many factors that may affect your decision to trade in your vehicle for another used one, from credit, to dealership availability, to the cost of machining services, to the model of car you desire. Make sure that you make an informed and intelligent decision suitable for your needs.

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